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Aviation Safety Mangement for Civil Aviation

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Aviation Safety Management for Civil Aviation

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These days the term safety is used frequently in aviation . More importantly organizations in the aviation industry are gaining strategic advantage by creating a favorable image in the minds of the public that portrays them as genuinely caring about the safety of their employees and customers . This is done with the idea of safety at a reasonable cost and without a standardized definition of safety in the aviation setting In many [banner_entry_middle]

aspects the aviation industry resembles other high technology high-risk industries such as the nuclear , oil and gas , and petrochemical industries , and therefore has similar concerns about safety . This similarity has influenced perception of safety in the aviation context

The aviation system is composed of various levels , each differing in their perception of safety (Curtis , 2000 Swedavia McGregor , 1988 This would mean that the definition of safety perceived at one level might not be the same at another level . Lowrance (1976 ) tackled the confusion about the nature of safety by defining it as a judgment of the acceptability of risk , and risk , in turn , as a measure of the probability and severity of harm to human health (p . 8 . In other words , anything is safe if its risks are judged to be acceptable . With this in mind and the premise that no man-made system can be absolutely safe , one can only talk about relative safety , and the understanding that simply because a flight is completed without an accident it does not mean that the flight was risk free and , therefore , safe (Profit 1995 ,

. 16 . Despite the unclear nature of the term , some concrete definitions are offered such as freedom from risk or danger (McAllister , 2001 ,

. 88 ) and ‘the act of keeping safe (Profit , 1995 br

. 16 . Helmreich and Merritt (2001 ) think about safety as an abstract concept rather than a binary condition defined by safe and unsafe conditions . They suggested that it is a continuum that covers an array of conditions , practices and resources that are likely to vary from one place to another . Every organization attempts to operate as safely as resources and conditions permit . Further , it is speculated that the very definition of safety is culturally determined (Merritt , 1998 . With this in mind , it is hypothesized that the perception of safety in the aviation environment in United States would be unique

Violation of safety in the aviation context is not uncommon . There are deliberate deviations from regulated codes or procedures (Reason , 1993 According to Reason , violations take place due to psychological precursors of unsafe acts , organizational deficiencies (line management decisions , corporate actions (senior management decisions , and inadequate defenses

There is a motivational basis for these that need to be understood within the context of an organization (Reason . Maurino , Reason Johnston and Lee (1995 ) provide a framework to understand violations and define these as deviations , deliberate or erroneous , from safe operating practices , procedures , standards , or rules and classify them… [banner_entry_footer]


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