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Aviation Crash Investigation

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Running Head : Aviation Crash Investigation

Aviation Crash Investigation (Student ‘s name (Subject

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Aviation Crash Investigation


As defined by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB , an aircraft accident is an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft that takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight until such time as all such persons have disembarked , and in which any person suffers a fatal or serious injury as a result of being in or upon the [banner_entry_middle]

aircraft or by direct contact with the aircraft or anything thereto , or in which the aircraft receives substantial damage

The secure form to move from one place to another is through traveling by air . Regardless of this high safety level , aircraft accidents can occur

Causes of Aircraft Crash

Aircraft crashes can result from many different factors or a combination of factors . Determining the specific cause factors for each incident can be complex , entailing good judgment and precise analysis of the facts

Pilot Errors

Pilots are accountable for transporting the plane ‘s passengers from one destination to another . Pilots have a responsibility to adhere to air safety regulations that have been outlined and created to better ensure the protection of everyone on board or else risk an aircraft accident

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Malfunction or failure of aircraft structures , engines , or other systems Defective equipment or even inadequately maintained equipment can fall short and reason for an airplane to crash

Violating FAA regulations

FAA laws exist to protect everyone using air travel . Violations of FAA regulations can jeopardize the safety of everyone in the air

Structural or design problems with an aircraft

Include unacceptably accomplished maintenance and unsatisfactory maintenance measures and procedures

Air traffic management errors

Deficiencies in weather reporting , regulations , and the air traffic control system (navigational aids air traffic control directives and airport facilities , runways , and taxiways

Unexpected adverse weather conditions

Represents accidents in which pilot error was involved but brought about by weather related phenomena

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Human Factors as One of the Main Reason for Aircraft Crash

It is said that 80 of aircraft crashes is due to human factors Human factors are an entire field of study in aviation . It encompasses not only how a cockpit is managed but how mechanical maintenance is completed . There are numerous contributing aspects which can be blamed for an aircraft crash

Over-Reliance on Automation

Lack /Loss of Situational Awareness by flight crew

Communication Problems

Complacency /Time Pressure

Methods in Determining an Aircraft Crash

Flight Data Rec

The Flight Data Rec onboard the aircraft records many different operating conditions of the flight . FDRs record flight parameters that can aid in the investigation and retains the last 25 hours of aircraft operation on tape

Data recovered from the FDR can generate a computer animated video reconstruction of the flight . The investigator can then envision the airplane ‘s attitude , instrument readings , power

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settings and other characteristics of the flight . This… [banner_entry_footer]


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