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Sexual Assault

April 4, 2016 | Posted in social issues, social sciences

STDs and increased likelihood to participate in high risk activities . Women who have been sexually assaulted are more at risk for all of these negative effects than women who have not been sexually assaulted (Campbell , Sefl , and Ahrens , 2004 Women who are raped have a very difficult healing process ahead . …


April 3, 2016 | Posted in business, mathematics and economics

Media Planning for MySpace and YouTube by Jim Meskauskas This article is very intriguing and very comprehensible as Jim Meskauskas addresses the latest flock to MySpace and YouTube for marketing executives . These platforms (MySpace and YouTube ) have found a home within the internet marketing sector . Meskauskas argues that behavioral measures are impossible …


April 3, 2016 | Posted in government, social sciences

NEGOTIATION STRATEGY MEMO word count 1 ,228 TO : Willy de Clercq , Ambassador to the EC FROM : Vanden Abeele , Belgian Representative in the Directorate General DATE : 5 December , 1986 THE PROBLEM The latest negotiation on trade involves the reduction of subsidies for sale of EC grain products overseas . This …

Econmic Terms

April 3, 2016 | Posted in health and medicine

Economics Economics is a branch of science that deals with the production distribution and consumption of wealth , and other related issues such as taxation , labor and finance , which influence the economy of a country Supply and demand Supply and demand theory explains that the prices of goods and services rise when their …

Fighting the Good Fight

April 3, 2016 | Posted in history

Houston Bryan Roberson ‘ Fighting the Good Fight` is a rather interesting and original depiction of one of the best known churches in America , the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist church . At a first glance , it may seem that the writing is a mere historical depiction of an important sight however , …

Analyze the “October 1917 Russian Revolution.”

April 3, 2016 | Posted in political science, social sciences

[Name of writer appears here] [Course name appears here] [Professor ‘s name appears here] [Date appears here] Russian Revolution The events of March 1917 ended a heretofore unprecedented phase in Russian history . The 56-year period between 1861 and 1917 was the merely era under the tsars when Western influence was all-encompassing in Russia and …

Jungian Archetypes

April 3, 2016 | Posted in social sciences

Jungian Archetypes in Rosemary Sutcliff ‘s Trilogy This will analyze Rosemary Sutcliff ‘s trilogy – The Sword and the Circle , The Light Beyond the Forest and The Road to Camlann – in light of the Jungian archetypes embedded in the text : the mother , the old wise man , the shadow , and …

Week 2 DQ`s

April 3, 2016 | Posted in engineering, technology

Week 2 DQ (Student Name Course Name Faculty Name Date There are many software development methods that help programmers plan for , develop and maintain computer programs . Find one you like and write a short summary about it . Tells us why it is a good or bad method There are various methods available …

recommendation memo

April 3, 2016 | Posted in government, social sciences

Memo To : Morton Kondracke , CEO From : Student , Purchasing Agent Date : 2 /2 /2007 Re : Recommendation for the Purchase of a 60 ‘ Flat Panel Television This memo serves as a reminder to you regarding your instruction to the undersigned to gather information on a 60 ‘ flat panel television …