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Auguste Escoffier

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br Georges-Auguste Escoffier

Georges-Auguste Escoffier


The Emperor Of Chefs And The Chef Of Emperors ‘ Georges-Auguste Escoffier

Georges-Auguste Escoffier

The Emperor Of Chefs And The Chef Of Emperors

Auguste Escoffier began his extensive and celebrated culinary profession at the young age of 13 , retiring at the age of 61 Throughout his life he made French cooking world renowned . Escoffier transformed and revised menus , along with changing the art and preparation of cooking . Three of his cookbooks are still held in high-esteem as essential tools of the trade . His gastronomic [banner_entry_middle]

br modernizations included getting rid of grandiose cuisine presentations and decorative garnishes , which decreased the quantity of courses served at a ceremonial gathering , by lessening sauces and putting more emphasis on seasonal foodstuff . While valuing and safeguarding the basic standards of traditional cuisine , Escoffier made things a lot simpler In this thesis my purpose is to answer the following questions

What Did Escoffier Do , And Contribute To The Culinary scene

What Were Escoffier ‘s Philosophies

How Are They In Effect Today

How Do They Affect Today ‘s World

Are They Valid In Today ‘s World

How Did He Change The Former Styles Of Cooking

What Did Escoffier Do , And Contribute To The Culinary Scene

In a World Wide Web journal (Escoffier On Line – Content 1996 Escoffier is revered as the father of modern French cuisine and is universally recognized as the finest master chef of the 20th century Throughout his life he catered to Georges-Auguste Escoffier

royalty and established the kitchens of many fine hotels (The Savoy Grand Hotel Monte Carlo , Hotel Ritz Paris , Grand Hotel Rome , etc . When Kaiser Wilhelm met Escoffier , he remarked I am the Emperor of Germany but you are the Emperor of Chefs ‘ Escoffier ‘s many contributions to the culinary world include the a la Carte menu , peach Melba , and his classification system for the mother sauces . Furthermore , he infused a general departure from the ostentatious culinary traditions of French cuisine . He also streamlined professional kitchens into a station-based brigade system , which is still used today . The lifetime count for Escoffier ‘s invented recipes exceeds 10 ,000

What Were Escoffier ‘s Philosophies

In his early years , life for Escoffier was very demanding While most teenagers were thinking about their first loves , Escoffier was already a full fledged apprentice in his uncle ‘s restaurant Separately from working in the kitchen , he was also responsible for all the domestic duties . He was schooled in the way of buying foodstuff and always remembered with a deep regard and appreciation , the strict obedience and strictness of his early training . Early on as a chef Escoffier believed that the atmosphere in the kitchens that he worked in , were horrific and impossible to bear . He also deplored the senior chefs ‘ excessive indulgence of drinking and smoking . Escoffier believed that with his small stature , he was apt to suffer more from the intense heat of the stoves . But nevertheless , unlike the other high ranking chefs , he never gave in to drinking or smoking while on… [banner_entry_footer]


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