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Audie Murphy

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To say Audie Murphy was a hero would be an understatement . With more than just a few medals for bravery while serving in the armed forces his name and memory have affected many since his untimely demise in 1971 His character still has a lasting impact on our soldiers who are on active duty . There is a Sgt Audie Murphy Club within the armed services that places a soldier in high esteem when receiving a medal of honor in his name . Many soldiers have been inspired by his bravery to give [banner_entry_middle]

the extra mile while serving their country . Yet , even in this light , there was a softer side of Audie Murphy who was a writer and a poet . The following was retrieved from HYPERLINK “http /www .audiemurphy .com /poems .htm ” www .audiemurphy .com /poems .htm


Oh , gather ’round me , comrades and listen while I speak

Of a war , a war , a war where hell is six feet deep

Along the shore , the cannons roar . Oh how can a soldier sleep

The going ‘s slow on Anzio . And hell is six feet deep

Praise be to God for this captured sod that rich with blood does seep

With yours and mine , like butchered swine ‘s and hell is six feet deep

That death awaits there ‘s no debate no triumph will we reap

The crosses grow on Anzio , where hell is six feet deep In addition to Audie ‘s military and acting talents , he was also a songwriter . Two of his most popular songs are “Shutters and Boards ” and “When the Wind Blows in Chicago ” He worked with Scott Turner on these two songs which were recorded by Dean Martin , Jimmy Dean , Roy Clark Eddy Arnold to name a few . His forty-four movies gave him a social status as a caring and honest man who wanted Americans to get the best out of life

He now has a foundation in his name

The Audie Murphy Research Foundation is a non-profit , public benefit organization established for the purpose of collecting , preserving , and making available to the public historical information concerning the life and times of Audie Murphy . It was founded by Terry M . Murphy Audie ‘s oldest son ( HYPERLINK “http /www .audiemurphy .com ” www .audiemurphy .com

When Audie discovered his dependence on a sleeping pill due to Post Traumatic Stress Dis , he locked himself in a hotel room , and suffered through withdrawal in to keep his image as the honest brave man he was . He was always an advocate for the needs of the veterans and would speak out about his battle fatigue . He publicly called for United States government to give more consideration and study to the emotional impact war has on veterans and to extend health care benefits to address PTSD and other mental health problems of returning war vets ( HYPERLINK “http /www .jrotc .org /audie_murphy .htm http /www .jrotc .org /audie_murphy .htm “In 1948 , I returned to France at the invitation… [banner_entry_footer]


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