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Assume we know nothing of your industry, your organization, and your job. Briefly describe what products and services your organization provides and your top three job responsibilities within the organization. Address your impact on organization strategy

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My Job , My Education

My Job

Electronic mail , instant messages , electronic documents and all other electronic records are a part and parcel of the world we live in today These are invaluable assets , if not resources for most organizations nowadays . Organizations are required to safeguard these assets , given that a large number of electronic documents carry very important information . Many electronic documents are also required by law especially after the infamous accounting scandals that captured the headlines in the recent past

My organization , ABC , Inc , develops software products that [banner_entry_middle]

capture , archive , and store all forms of electronic documentation and provide organizations with the ability to efficiently search and locate these documents on demand , should they be misplaced or deemed lost . My major responsibilities on the job include designing software and orchestrating the development , quality assurance , and release activities creating and maintaining the team project , and managing the time and resources for an ongoing project and evaluating the evolving risks and communicating them to the upper management on a regular basis

An organization ‘s strategy is the foundation for the actions that its employees take to reach its goals . This strategy must be aligned with the organization ‘s mission . My organization ‘s strategy happens to be quality improvement , which is aligned with its mission to deliver high quality software products to its customers . As an employee of ABC Inc , I am proud to have an impact on the organization strategy , given that all the employees of my organization use this strategy as


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the foundation of their actions . In addition , I work on quality assurance , and hence , the impact of my work on the organization strategy may be considered greater than that of many others

My decision-making ability with the organization is also quite high . After all , I am held responsible for the management of time and resources on the project that the entire organization considers extremely important . What is more , I evaluate risks and communicate them to the upper management . My organization relies on my evaluations and decisions to a certain extent

My Education

Tom Kozicki , Director of Marshall ‘s MBA Career Resource Center at the University of Southern California , has said that Regardless of what is going on in the economy , the need for an understanding and mastery of business fundamentals will never change ‘ Perhaps this need is inherent in us all

In May of 2000 , a year before I graduated with Masters in Computer Science , I had to choose between job offers from a start up technology organization and a well known software giant . I chose the start up company at the time to become its fifth employee ! This decision called for a variety of challenges , including long working hours . Had I joined the already established and popular software firm with over ten thousand employees and successful processes in place , I would not have faced the challenges that I faced in the new company


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