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Building Trust through E-Commerce

A very low 29 of U .S . Internet surveyed in 2002 says they trust websites selling products and services while 95 agrees that consumer sites should disclose all fees , and 93 says sites should explain the methods they use in protecting credit card information (Consumer WebWatch

Suppose I am selling merchandises online – for instance , gift items for everyone –

I know exactly how to convince my prospective buyers to trust my web site . Through the concept of Free Information for All ‘ I would educate my web [banner_entry_middle]

visitors , in the simplest way possible (without giving essential information to competitors , about the process of storing their credit card information and securing it from hackers and viruses

The rationale behind Free Information for All ‘ is aiming at the minds of the potential customers , to make them think , feel and believe that they know all they need to know about where their credit card information is going

Images , such as secured vaults and huge powerful computers , will be used to instill in the minds of the viewers that my web site could not be any safer . In fact it is 100 safe and error-free

As for the action steps that I would take , I will begin by advertising banners and links that features a reverse psychology-inspired message Do not trust every online shop you see . Click to find the tricks of scammers ‘ Then , when they ‘re in my web site already , they will read another message , Trust only those who can tell you everything you need to know about your shop and your account . Experience worry-free online shopping

The second step is for me to make good on my word . Eventually , I will post Testimonials ‘ from the marketing department and from real people with pages in My Space . This will create a crisp , friendly feel in the website , and it will convince more people that my business and services are no hoax

The final step is just to ensure that my customers will enjoy a 24 /7 customer support online and via toll-free number . Customers love to be pampered . I will pamper my customers , make them trust me , and make them go back to my store , with their friends in tow

Survey source

Safety in Numbers . June 25 , 2002 . The Resource for Security Executives . November 10 , 2006… [banner_entry_footer]


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