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Assignment 3

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Assignment 3



In addressing the need for caring for the youth mainly the individuals within the school age , a volunteer group has been established . This volunteer group ‘s main commitment revolves around the concept of protecting the rights of the youth in the society and promoting their healthy development to become responsible adults in the future . However to significantly embody these goals and visions , this youth care volunteer group must establish its own organizational management in the form of acquiring a leading entity

Leadership and its Responsibilities [banner_entry_middle]

p Ideally , in a group , a leader stands and signifies the general concept and foundation of the group as its main representative . He or she serves as the concrete example of their goals and vision as a group in this aspect , the leader also manifest the concept of authority and subordination as his or her main form of power . Alongside this leadership power are the critical and important tasks the leader should perform as part of his or her responsibilities to the group

Becoming the epitome of the group ‘s vision , the leader ‘s main task is to guide and supervise the group ‘s actions and efforts towards their goals . In the aspect of becoming the leader of a volunteer youth-oriented group , his or her main tasks is to organize the groups actions and efforts , resources and tasks and channel all of these towards their main purpose . This responsibility mainly involves making vital decisions in determining what things are to be done and managing the process of doing it . In addition , it is a leader ‘s responsibility to determine the general approach the group should take by delegating the opinions of the whole group with all of its members

Regarding basic tasks and duties , it is also the leader ‘s responsibility to delegate and manage the distribution of the different tasks of the group to its members . Judgment regarding this matter should be done with critical concern to the member ‘s ability and the requirements of the specific tasks . In addition , this responsibility should be done without bias and fallacious judgment , thus this should done fairly and equally

Another basic responsibility of the leader is organizing the individual members of the actions and conceptualizing them as a single unit . In this aspect , the leader has the responsibility of connecting its members and mediating between the problems and issues of each individual within themselves or between the members . In addition , he or she should be the representative of the group linking the group ‘s activities with the other social groups and the community in particular


The responsibilities and tasks of a leader are very much important for the success of the group ‘s efforts and goals yet it is very critical basing from its main nature . However , the most important quality and responsibility of the leader to its group is its dedication and commitment to the vision and the goals of the group . The leader personally should be the one to envisioned… [banner_entry_footer]


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