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The YMCA : Promoting Healthy Minds and Bodies

The YMCA is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles for individuals and families . The acronym stands for Young Men ‘s Christian Association , but the name has little to do with the organization ‘s current goals . YMCA activities vary according to city , but many work with all ages in the community , from pre-school to adults . According to the website , the YMCA is dedicated to building strong kids , strong families and strong communities

YMCA programs are mostly about fitness and healthy living . The [banner_entry_middle]

br Adventure Guide program is intended to build relationships between parents and their children while making crafts , attending meetings , and going camping , hiking and swimming . The YMCA buildings have an Olympic-sized swimming pool in to offer a full-scale aquatics program . Individuals who take advantage of this can take swim or scuba lessons , or just go to swim laps independently . In addition , the YMCA sponsors a competitive swim team . Dive training in the United States can be traced back to the YMCA scuba program in 1959 . They offer instruction for divers , or those who wish to become scuba instructors

Those individuals who don ‘t enjoy swimming for exercise can utilize the YMCA ‘s workout rooms . The adult programs in this area include strength training , cardio fitness , exercise and dance classes , as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation training . Not only does the YMCA promote a sense of well-being and self-confidence , but they are also dedicated to helping people develop healthy hearts and lungs . Children and adults are welcome , and now older adults have a place at the YMCA as well . There are classes dedicated to helping senior citizens become fit and active through exercise classes and separate adult-oriented swimming classes , such as water aerobics

April 14th is Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA , and includes a day filled with activities that are designed to promote healthy kids in spirit , mind , and body . Last year ‘s event was sponsored by Tropicana , the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society , just to name a few . At the Chicago YMCA alone , 2000 parents and children attended . They were invited to participate in such activities as family games , fitness and health education , and were given free healthy snacks and drinks . The website offers a free parent guide on raising healthy kids . The brochure is titled , Healthy Kids are Safe Kids ‘ and features active kids on the front cover . It reminds parents that their childrens ‘ health and safety is their responsibility and gives tips on turning one ‘s home into a safe and healthy place for children . Parents are encouraged to fill the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets with good , healthy food , and the brochure reminds them how to keep food fresh and when to throw it away in to prevent food-borne illnesses . There is a page dedicated to water safety , reminding parents to talk to their children about not going swimming alone , the safe way to dive , and the benefits of using… [banner_entry_footer]


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