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Assessment & measurement of student learning

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Student assessment is the tool with which learning is measured and evaluated . Learning is a product of the curriculum and instruction adopted by a particular institution , hence to be able to ascertain that what is being assessed is being taught , instruction and assessment should be aligned in a common framework (Pellegrino , Chudowsky Glaser 2001 . The skills and knowledge taught should match the content specifications of the assessment method . Assessment and instruction should be grounded on the same theory , as it provides the parameters with which instruction can be developed and appropriate assessment [banner_entry_middle]

br methods can be used . For example , a school that supports students centered instruction should use assessment methods that are student centered also , this would mean that nontraditional methods of assessment are employed to evaluate the progress of the students learning Individualized instruction necessitates that assessment should also be individualized one cannot possibly assess students with the same test and at the same level of learning since instruction is individualized (Wiggins , 1999 . If a school adopts the more popular multiple intelligence theory , then instruction would be varied to accommodate the different intelligences , likewise , the portfolio assessment method is more applicable in this school than and pencil tests . The educational paradigm of the institution can limit the process of alignment between instruction and assessment methods for the same reasons that the educational system in the country has remained unchanged for the past century or so . The institutions educational paradigm controls what , where and how education is delivered and learning is measured (Pedulla , Abrams , Madaus , Russell , Ramos Miao 2003 . If the organization is focused on improving their scores on state standardized tests , then the school administrators would likely pursue the traditional and pencil test , drills and rote memorization and the likes over other forms of assessment as well as directing instruction to concentrate on information recall than mastery of skills .References

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