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January 25 , 2007

Reviewing : Wi-Fi Is Hitting the Road in Cars from Avis , but Technical and Legal Bumps Lie Ahead ‘ by Christopher Elliot

The reviewed article introduces readers to Autonet Mobile , a company that specializes in providing rolling Wi-Fi hotspot services to internet users . This company has pioneered in the market of auto-internet services and will complete a deal with Avis , a car rental company , to include their wireless internet services to car renters in March of this year . For a minimal fee per day [banner_entry_middle]

, Avis business customers will be able to utilize the World Wide Web from the convenience of their rented vehicles . Avis will provide the equipment to their customers , and the customers will obtain service simply by plugging the necessary wiring into the vehicle ‘s power outlet . Traveling business professionals will be free to surf the internet without limitations . This trial will assist Autonet Mobile in working out details before their product is released to the general public . Once released , the equipment will cost about 400 .00 , and monthly service charges will apply . The opinion of Roger Entner , a wireless telecommunications analyst , reveals that producing the connected car ‘ is an important reminder of where technology of the future is headed . Not without error , this service is said to not be problem free , as is the world of technology . Mr . Sterling Pratz , the president and chef executive of Autonet Mobile , says that while the product is believed to work in 95 of the country , customers will still have the possibility of bandwidth restrictions and excessive battery consumption . While his product minimizes dropped connections , they are not completely eliminated . Thomas Dickerson , author of Travel Law believes that this type of technology will add to the carelessness that is already practiced with today ‘s tech savvy drivers , as the attention paid to the road is already at its minimum . Questions about the legal aspect of having Wi-Fi in a personal vehicle continue to exist . During its trial run with Avis , Autonet Mobile will require renters to enter into an agreement eliminating its liability should an accident occur if the product is being used irresponsibly

This article is interesting to read because its subject is in direct relation to items most of us are accustomed to using in everyday life It used terms the majority of us are familiar with , as well as employing a company we are all familiar with . In addition to its subject , the short paragraphs adds the feeling of not reading a long , drawn out article .it is easy on the eyes . While the sentences average 20 words the use of comas , semi-colons , money symbols and quotation marks broke up the monotony of word after word after word ‘ boredom . The added use of numeric versions of price and percentages provided a contrast from excessive letter usage . Their use was a welcomed change

A good article is one that is short , to the point , and provides visual effects for the reader . It provides… [banner_entry_footer]


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