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Article Review

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Article Review


The article suggests several interesting illustrations of the effect of managerial expectations on productivity . An experiment undertaken by Alfred Oberlander in 1961 revealed that expectation clearly expressed by the manager directly impacts the level of the productivity . Superior middle and low groups of staff were created and the behavior of the groups was observed . High expectation imposes high level of efficacy whereas , low expectation results in low level of performance . Moreover they decline in quality because they start to avoid damaging their reputation more , avoid any minor [banner_entry_middle]

risk is part of the assignments they will have to deal with . The most interesting impact of this division was observed in the middle staff . The productivity quickly rose , as the manager of this unit was sure that they are not less qualified than the superior staff

The same approach is viewed in the relations of teachers and schoolchildren , doctor and patients , stating that the clearly made positive statement , that the children , or the patient will achieve the goal , has greatly impacted the level of learning and healing

Nevertheless , several other attempts to use the experiment have failed because the manager himself has not translated the ideology in his own self and has not been sure that the staff will perform better . Another scenario where the experiment failed was the condition when the expectations were beyond the human capacity . For both cases the motivation of the staff got very low and the overall productivity declined

An interesting statement the article makes is that the manager , or the teacher should be confident about their own capabilities to teach and train someone of reach the desired level . The confidence towards the abilities of the learner is secondary in this case

The professional growth of young employees , as the article states , is greatly influenced by the expectations and the learning opportunities they have during the first year of their employment . At the same time the first manager of the employee is likely to affect the person ‘s future career . Depending on the expectations , the employee sets his /her own level of standards and develops his /her skills correspondingly… [banner_entry_footer]


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