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Article Critique

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Article Critique

February 1 , 2007


Being an international organization of nation-states , sovereignty of its members is the basis of the United Nations ‘ existence . The UN Charter provides that the UN should maintain international peace and security develop friendly relations among nations : and achieve international cooperation in solving economic , social , cultural , or humanitarian [problems] and in encouraging respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms . The UN is run by a secretariat headed by a secretary-general . Last January 1 , 2007 , South Korea ‘s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Ban [banner_entry_middle]

Ki-Moon was elected as the eight UN Secretary General

This will look into the role of the Secretary General in general Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon ‘s role in the UN , and the Middle East

The Secretary General

The administrative organ of the United Nations is the Secretariat headed by a Secretary-General appointed for a five-year term by the General Assembly upon the Security Council ‘s recommendation . The first secretary-general was Trygve Lie of Norway , who , under Soviet pressure was forced to resign in November 1952 . Second was Dag Hammarskjtzld of Norway who succeed Lie in April 1953 , and was re-elected five years later . On November 3 , the United Nations assembly appointed U Thant of Burma as acting secretary-general until 1971 . Austria ‘s Kurt Waldheim succeeded U Thant until 1982 . In 1982 Javier Pyrez de Cuyllar of Peru succeeded Waldheim , serving for two terms but declined a third . Egypt ‘s Boutros Boutros-Ghali succeeded Pyrez de Cuyllar in 1992 Boutros-Ghali ‘s campaign for re-election to a second term was opposed by the United States , and in January 1997 he was succeeded by Kofi Annan of Ghana who became the seventh secretary-general . Last January 2007 , South Korea ‘s Ban Ki-Moon became the 8th secretary-general whose term of office will expire on 31st of December 2011

Despite limited resources and financial setbacks , the UN Secretary-General ‘s acts as an overseer of the whole organization is expected to seek solutions to most of the world ‘s problems . Also , the UN Chief is constantly facing a Herculean task of harmonizing various competing interests of super powers and major financial donors while at the same time protecting the rights and concerns of the smaller member states . The UN secretary-general ‘s position calls for the accommodation of countries that dominate global economy and politics while demonstrating a commitment to multilateralism as a crucial tool for global diplomacy

Ban Ki-Moon and the United Nations

Howard LaFranchi ‘s article entitled After Annan , what kind of UN leader ? His successor may be selected as early as next month ‘ published in The Christian Science Monitor last September 27 , 2006 stated that [a]s Kofi Annan prepares to wrap up 10 years at the helm of the United Nations , admirers say , the soft-spoken Ghanaian has overseen an expansion of the secretary-general ‘s role into “the world ‘s top diplomat ” LaFranchi added that critics agreed that largest international organization ‘s esteem was rocked by scandal especially the oil-for food program (2006

LaFranchi ‘s article admits that… [banner_entry_footer]


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