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Article Critique on Nation Building

February 1 , 2007


As a normative concept , nation-building greatly differs across different cultural backgrounds . Be that as it may , latest concept of nation-building refers to various programs given by a state to help a dysfunctional , unstable or “failed states ” or economies in the development of governmental infrastructure , civil society , dispute resolution mechanisms , as well as economic assistance , in to increase their stability . This concept assumes that a state ‘s organization is doing the intentional act for the above stated purposes This will responsively [banner_entry_middle]

critique Michael E . O ‘Hanlon ‘s published in Newsweek International dated June 05 , 2006 , entitled Nation Building : Not for the Fainthearted ‘ Mr . O ‘Hanlon is a Senior Fellow , Foreign Policy Studies , The Brookings Institution

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As stated earlier , nation-building refers to the process of constructing or structuring a nation using the power of the state . The process is aimed at people ‘s unification within the state with a goal of having a politically stable and viable nation in the long run Nation-building can involve the use of propaganda or major infrastructure developments to foster social harmony and economic growth . With this conceptual definition , people may think that nation-building as an activity is a daunting task for any state like United States of America or international organization like the United Nations

Michael E . O ‘Hanlon ‘s ‘s opening statement posed a query on nation-building ‘s practicability vis a vis the present scenarios in East Timor , Afghanistan or Iraq . For O ‘Hanlon , United Nations nation-building activities in East Timor is messy and is going up in smoke ‘ while in the case of the United States , the huge efforts undertaken , budgetary expenses and cost in blood ‘ for the last three years showed little efforts as shown by Afghanistan and Iraq (2005

As a component of nation-building , reconstruction and rebuilding activities after conflict is simply an overwhelming feeling for any nation or ultra national organization to undertake given the rise and sophistication of various actors in any state that hinders reconciliation efforts . For O ‘Hanlon there is no comparison in regard to America ‘s nation-building activities in Japan and Germany in World War II , because the present scenario is a complicated one for various factors present like ethically complex ‘ or culturally fragmented society , less economically developed ‘ and many actors contributing to the activities resulting to policy confusion . It was in these regard that the successes in Japan and Germany is not a measurement of US successes or failures in areas of conflict and rebuilding activities such as Iraq or Afghanistan . Also , the rise of nationalism , the easy availability of small weaponry around the world – have complicated reconciliation efforts (O ‘Hanlon , 2005

Michael O ‘Hanlon ‘s laid down the various nation-building activities of both the United Nations and of the United States and stated that on the balance , there has been a rough success rate since the 1950s ‘ O ‘Hanlon agrees that many nation-building efforts fail and some are easy… [banner_entry_footer]


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