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An Article Critique on

Preventable Hospitalization and Medicaid Managed Care : Does Race Matter

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A . Title of the report or article

This report is entitled Preventable Hospitalization and Medicaid Managed Care : Does Race Matter ? It fits with the study in that the researchers sought to discover if preventable hospitalization of Medicaid patients differed by racial subgroup . The sample populations included people of a variety of racial and ethnic groups

B . Problem Statement

The problem stated in the research is as [banner_entry_middle]

follows : The incidence of hospitalization for preventable conditions historically has been high for racial , ethnic minorities (Basu , Friedman , and Burstin , 2006 Basically they are saying that individuals of racial and ethnic minorities are more likely to be hospitalized than white individuals if they participate in Medicaid Managed Care . It is clearly stated in the article

The study is justified because while studies on the elderly and other adult patients have been conducted to ascertain the impact that race has on preventable hospitalizations , few studies have been done on Medicaid patients . The study seeks to establish if there is any benefit to being on Medicaid at all

This study is significant to nursing because nurses are called upon to care for these patients . If the patient ‘s are in the hospital when they don ‘t really need to be , they are keeping nurses from patients with more critical needs . With the nursing shortage already the way it is , this is a difficult burden to place on them

The problem can be researched by studying admissions records from hospitals that serve Medicaid patients . An independent evaluation as to the necessity of the hospitalization can be coordinated with the race of the patient . This data can be analyzed for patterns

C . Conceptual /Theoretical Framework

This study employed a multivariable cross-section design . They analyzed patient data for each state to compare with admissions – both preventable and necessary . They used marker conditions as the comparison category , which are defined as diagnoses for which provision of timely and effective ambulatory care immediately prior to admission is likely to have little impact on the need for hospital admission (Basu , Friedman , and Burstin , 2006 ,

. 104 . They chose this method because they would have no hospital discharge data from individuals not actually admitted to the hospital

To test the patient characteristics with the type of admissions , they researchers used multivariate logistic regression models for each of the three states studied . All of the data was run through the STRATA software

D . Review of literature

This article does not contain a section entitled literature review , but it does contain some references to previous research in the background section . The studies are reviewed as to their purpose and levels of significance in some areas of Medicaid and managed care . A couple of the sources are from the mid-to-late eighties but most of the studies cited were conducted within the last ten years . No classic sources were used , but then managed care is… [banner_entry_footer]


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