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Book design , visual analysis on The Art of Looking Sideways ‘ by Alan Fletcher

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This analytical essay presents a book design , visual analysis on a book by Alan Fletcher , which is known as The Art of Looking Sideways . The bibliography appends three sources in Harvard format



Book design and visual analysis



The most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation , and probably one of the most prolific

— The Daily [banner_entry_middle]


The above quote was used by The Daily Telegraph to describe Alan Gerard Fletcher on his obituary . Fletcher was a well-known British graphic designer who was awarded the Prince Philip Prize for Designer of the Year , and was elected the President of the Designers and Art Directors Association in 1973 and was also elected as the International President of the Alliance Graphique Internationale from 1982 to 1985 . He wrote a number of books , but his master piece , which was written on the of graphic designing and visual thinking and took him nearly 18 years to finish is the book under consideration known as The Art of Looking Sideways

In the words of the reviewers at the Library Journal , this book will delight anyone who enjoys unexpected visual and verbal play cultural and historical observations and insights , and staggering amounts of trivia and anecdotes (The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher ,

.1 . The book is very extra ordinary and one of its kind , and the author has succeeded in presenting a nearly beyond mixture of tales , citations , illustrations , and strange realities that presents the reader with an astonishingly warped visualization of the pandemonium of modern life (Alan Fletcher ,


Book Design and Visual Analysis

Graphic designers (presumably with the support of publishers ) seem to have embraced the principle that size matters . First there was Life Style , Bruce Mau ‘s cinder-block-size illustrated meditation /portfolio And now , at more than a thousand pages and weighing in at slightly less than a large infant , we have Alan Fletcher ‘s The Art of Looking Sideways

–Michael McPherson

The book is based on about seventy two chapters , which have titles like Culture , Improvisation , Colour , Ideas and the likes . Comprised of nearly more than a thousand , the book is a brilliant treatise on visual thinking , one that exemplifies the sense of play and the extended frame of reference of the designer . A number of designers as well students of design usually go through the pages of this book in to grasp ideas , while others go through the book in to enjoy the gently challenging mind-teasers the book has to offer . Putting together the most determined of sets for his work , aligned with a background encircling art , drawing and literature from pre-history to the current day , Fletcher has put forward a persuasive case for the role that graphic designs play in the course of civilization

The book is very visual . It has more illustrations than… [banner_entry_footer]


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