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Art and power

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Art and Power


Art and Power

Often in dictatorial and imperial regimes , art has always been a powerful medium efficiently and masterfully utilized to maintain support from the public . The different art forms are the bearers of a leader ‘s vision and mission for his people and for himself . Architecture is no stranger to this misuse

The prime example of art as propaganda was that of Nazi Germany ‘s methods of propagating and indoctrinating to its citizens the purity of the Aryan race which paved the need for cultural [banner_entry_middle]

and spiritual rebirth Painting , sculpture , music , theater , and all forms of media were tapped to bombard the nation with Hitler ‘s message dogmas . Architectural structures were successful tools of this cultural and spiritual propaganda because inherently they have a public nature . They were experienced daily with a sense of pervasiveness due to their seeming permanence . The buildings designed by Hitler ‘s chief architect Albert Speer were heavy on classical elements like grand archways and symmetrical , traditional layouts ‘ which projected Nazi power . Some would credit this narcissistic obsession with the young Hitler ‘s early aspiration to be an artist , then an architect in Vienna . However , his hopes crashed when he failed to meet the requisites for both courses (Hulme , Hearts of Darkness , 2006

Hitler ‘s use of architecture was further promoted his political ambition of world domination . Part of his grand scheme was to build a dome-like structure in Berlin called Germania which could have accommodated 180 ,000 people . It was to have a 386-feet (about 118 meters high ) Roman style arch rivaling Napoleon ‘s Arc de Triomphe . Hitler believed that the more massive the monument , the important the representation (Hulme Hearts of Darkness , 2006 . He had a much bigger picture of himself being the ruler of the world like his idol Napoleon . It showed in the gawdy symbols his regime ‘s architecture unabashedly waved . They were designed to impress

Part of Hitler ‘s drive to preserve the Aryan race is to use architecture to link the Germans to their past . A specially-constructed outdoor amphitheater called the Thingplatz served as a gathering place and used by Hitler for festivals often featuring German history and art ( Nazi Architecture , 2006 . The gathering of the people outdoors in natural settings is called a HYPERLINK “http /www .answers .com /thing-assembly ” \t “_top ” Thing and is of an ancient Nordic /Germanic practice ( Thingplatz , 2006

Italy ‘s fascist dictator Benito Mussolini also had his personal architectural tastes . He adored ancient imperial Rome just like Hitler and wished to be regarded as the new Augustus . He was anticlerical and destroyed churches and buildings to the Vatican ‘s chagrin replacing them with fascist art and architecture . He viewed Fascism as a religious concept of life . Many public buildings , railway stations , post offices , universities and factories were built across the country Included were shrines to fascist martyrs , complete with memorial flames and chapels in all fascist headquarters (Hulme , Hearts of Darkness , 2006 . Erecting large building just like the Roman… [banner_entry_footer]


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