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Art and Kitsch

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In modern world of technology , science , and various kinds of entertainment art plays the most important role as a type of relaxation a mean to enrich one ‘s inner world and a chance to get closer to the elevated style . It is the only one area for people throughout the whole world where a person may express and indulge himself experiencing pleasure in both giving and receiving the work of art . Nevertheless , art may be interpreted in different ways and denote each particular phenomenon for each particular viewer of [banner_entry_middle]

any age group

Thus , art is closely connected with time as works of art created nowadays are not being so appreciated as they would have been in a couple of centuries . To make modern societies aware of contemporary art artists try to produce available and easy to understand works . To define this notion they often refer to it as kitsch

The term kitsch ‘ has penetrated into English scientific terminology from publicist style . Originally , kitsch was characterized by such qualities as bad taste , low quality , sugariness ‘ along with availability ‘ and realistic feature . If to address to etymological dictionaries they inform the reader that kitsch ‘ as a term has appeared in 1860s-1870s in Germany (Munich ) and denoted alteration of old furniture . Therefore , the word implied a color of deception and delusion : to sell old as if it were new . The second element of the meaning was English word sketch ‘ and it traces its roots back to the times when Anglo-Americans were not willing to pay a lot of money and would rather buy a sketch (Wikipedia

However , the question about the formal distinction between art and kitsch remains unanswered . Both classical and modern cultures have failed to solve a problem of belonging to high ‘ or low ‘ art Modern mass culture , meanwhile , has mixed everything together and now there exists no pure genre . That is , drama always includes the elements of comedy and detective-stories , as well as actions as a rule are topped with gangster motives . That ‘s why the definition of kitsch first of all should involve its functions

New understanding of kitsch provides the latter with such characteristic features as

Antonym to elite esthetic rules . Unlike traditional understanding of art , kitsch is considered being a product of art of low quality especially by aged artists . They do not want to face the reality and recognize kitsch as a component of modern art

Mass character and popularity for which kitsch does not have to fight due to its originality , play key role in perceiving it as a part of art The latter cannot be strictly evaluated through its necessity of being different for every individual . There are no international art committees that would establish rules for evaluating works of art and even the youngest most inexperienced artist should not die because of stereotypes

Closeness to market and commerce . Kitsch as a type of art is closely associated with trade and economic sphere of society as it may choose either to… [banner_entry_footer]


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