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Business , Society and the Profit Motive

It is unfortunate that many businesses are cold hearted and calculative that they do not directly contribute to the betterment of society . Then again , perhaps it is not the businesses fault . Often times , the betterment of society is defined by more fair system of distribution of wealth and such a definition comes from the abysmal failures of communist governments that collapsed financially under their own failed theories . Since this left capitalism as , by far and away , the most successful system of government in world history , there [banner_entry_middle]

is little guidance as to how businesses are to contribute to society

It would be beneficial if corporate executives had more guidance so as to provide more towards society , but such guidance would be a more direct appeal to the personality of those running the company as abstract notions of a better society are completely out of the norm of the common person ‘s , much less the corporate elite ‘s mindset . This is a shame as a person who is committed to social justice and equality is , by his very nature , an individual who helps better society . So how can a business improve society ? To a certain extent , becoming an even better business will deliver the side effect of creating a better society . To that regard , businesses must not slack or become content with a non-aggressive business model as the improvement of society will center on its economic strength

To a great degree , businesses rely on other business to aid society

Starbucks has seen its profits rise as it has increased its investment in social issues . Ralph Lauren Polo has seen the same . Coincidence ? We think not . AMR Research recently surveyed 172 U .S . companies representing global 1 ,000 manufacturing and services industries about their corporate social responsibility (CSR ) initiatives (Sirkison

Considering how financially successful Starbucks and Ralph Lauren have been , it an argument can be made that contributing to society is imperative to financial success

Rock and roll legend , Gene Simmons reminds us , however , that only a rich man , not a poor man can give you a job (Simmons Pg 137 ) While fairly blunt , Simmons is accurate in his assessment . So , in that regard the increasing of wealth in the members of society can lead to a greater impact in the improvement of society . This is why the business must do things that will improve the value of its stock so that it will increase the value for its shareholders , in essence , making them wealthier . While most assume that the only people who financially benefit from a business are employees exclusively , investors also comprise a large section of those in society who benefit from the companies valued assets . Per the Coca-Cola Company

Creating value is a core principle on which our economic system is based it is the job we owe to those who have entrusted us with their assets .We live in a democratic capitalist society . Here , people create specific institutions to help meet specific needs… [banner_entry_footer]


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