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The Importance of Military Professionals

to take some Time to Study Military History

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Military History is not just a simple record of the past that needs to be forgotten . It contains information of life and death situations which provides learning experiences that might be useful in the future . The problem with our society is the little effort done to insure that the dissemination of key learning experience is provided to the general public . Very little about military history is being studied and written and [banner_entry_middle]

if there are , they are studied by non-military historians that lacks the direct experience and in-depth understanding of military language

Problem Statement

The purpose of this study is to explain the importance why military professionals should take some time to study military history . This study examines the need for military professionals to study military history as opposed to merely leaving these studies to non-military historians . The study also takes into account that military professionals have the extra time to spare for studies despite their busy schedule

Studies for Non-military Leaders

There is a need for military professionals to study military history in to generate study results that could be forwarded to non-military leaders who makes crucial decisions during wars or insurgencies Non-military leaders can make better decisions in times of war if they are equipped with proper understanding of military history in the past For example , in a cabinet meeting to plan the 2001 attack on Afghanistan , advisers argued against using American ground forces because of the nationalistic uprisings that resulted from the British invasions in the 19th century and the Soviet invasion of 1979 (Kagan 2006 . These were historical facts which were taken out of context . The Afghan leaders had been resisting the British invasion for decades . It is something that rooted from the past . In another case , the Soviet invasion was to support a hated government which was already facing a massive insthe Soviet invasions because of their overtly imperialistic nature Resistance to this form of invasions is definitely not surprising . The American troops , however , was removing an unpopular government , was known to impose democracy and were therefore greeted with support . They were taken as liberators as opposed to being invaders . Had the military history regarding Soviet and British invasions were studied properly the advisers would have been armed with more realistic reasons to provide a good advice

Studies to Prevent Military from False Visionary Persuasion

There are also cases where in because of the lack of understanding of military history , they are easily persuaded by non-military professionals to follow their directions without really knowing the bigger consequences . The tendency of non-military professionals to rely on fragments of the past military history to persuade the military is often a cause of tactical errors . A good example is when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld cited the German experience in World War II which showed , he argued , that a partially transformed military could revolutionize warfare (Kagan , 2006 . He based his… [banner_entry_footer]


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