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Argument, Do you think colleges should install condom dispensers?

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Argument , Do you think colleges should install condom dispensers


This is an argumentative essay which tries to emphasis on idea and position to whither it is advisable to put condom dispenser in a colleges . This arguments tends to give the idea argumenting the issue at which it will losing the colleges standard if ever it will purcue on dispensing condoms [banner_entry_middle]

. The fact that the school colleges is not for venue of what so ever sexual act but is a venue for education students as well a part of learning what is good moral acts supposed to be inculcated among the students

The precaution in avoiding AIDS can be so far studied in some other means of educating the students in the colleges . Thus further studies would reveal in this write up

Body of the “The machines make the devices available to all students , but that does not necessarily guarantee that everyone will change their behavior (Bui , Katherine . HYPERLINK “http /www .stp .uh .edu http /www .stp .uh .edu . This the idea that we should have to bear in mine that no such condom device might can change the entire behavior among the students itself . The fact that if those students have already done acts in his or her well being , it ‘s not that she or he will do it in the campuses . The couple can do it anywhere so why should be install in colleges ? There is no such reason to prevent HIV if the case will arise maybe . The best important is to educate and give trainings and seminars to prevent HIV rather dispensing condoms since it will not of great help though

But knowing that the school has no cottages or dormitory for housing students so there is such reason its not good for the administrator to install condom dispenser . The tendency if condoms will be for everybody in the college campus , it will gives the scene to be the school like hotels not an institution . In other words not schholl seems to be not an educational place but just for recreational place at all . The essence of being a place of education has already vanishe soon if so happen condoms will be free to all all students and is letting them do sexual acts indie the colleges campus that will maybe encourages the good students to do the same acts

The use of condom machines , as I mentioned earlier , is one component in a comprehensive arsenal of prevention interventions which include providing HIV tests throughout the city in an array of venues As other cities and states have seen stagnation and reduction in their HIV testing rates , we in the District of Columbia have continued to increase our HIV testing numbers . Providing the HIV test is primary HIV prevention . We provide the HIV test in numerous venues… [banner_entry_footer]


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