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arguing: air pollution

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Arguing : Air Pollution

The problem of air pollution is one of the al one affected political , economic and social life of the global society . Environmental quality becomes a more important determinant of the overall quality of life . Society , in effect , places a greater value on environmental quality . With increasing affluence , society is more able to afford improvements in its environmental quality . Because of the combination of these factors , greater affluence should ultimately result in improvements in environmental quality . Thesis In spite of changes in legislation and environmental protection , air pollution is [banner_entry_middle]

still a great problem for urban dwellers resulted in cardiovascular and lung disease which lead to high mortality rates

Air pollution is caused by different sources which `benefit ‘ modern urban dwellers . From the comparative assessment of socioeconomic and location factors , it was concluded that ill health was related to outdoor industrial pollution . In world cities , residents can be severely affected by the emissions of long-established oil refineries and other manufacturing plants in the area , by traffic , and by other polluting activities . The geographical convergence of risk factors and actual illness and accidents can best be understood if regulatory and economic factors are taken into consideration . Most importantly , rather than the traditional signposts of poverty and geographical distribution of disease indicating this fact , it was the information gathered from residents in high-income households that illuminated the importance of socially constructed places . Jaret (2000 ) found one more sources which affects air in cities : By sealing windows and doors to keep inside air in and outside air out , we ‘ve reduced the air -exchange rates by a factor of two or more in many new houses (37

The remarkable incidence of death associated with air pollution represents an eternal testimony of the extreme health damage that urban pollution can unleash . Attention to problems caused by air pollution in cities was already paid in the nineteenth century . In our time particularly during the last decades of the twentieth century researchers in the natural sciences have produced consistent evidence firmly indicating that concentrations of air pollution can be harmful to human health (Colls , 2002 Gonzalez , 2002 . Colls (2002 ) points out that long-term exposure to ozone for 6-7 hours at relatively low concentrations , has a negative impact on both adults and children

However , morbidity , rather than mortality , seems likely to be a more sensitive measure in studies of relatively long-term and high , but not extreme , levels of air pollution . Rates of respiratory symptoms were found to be especially high among children in cities with high particulate pollution . Further , a 20 per cent higher risk of children developing respiratory problems was registered when they were exposed to ozone pollution peak 0 .13 ppm . Highly industrialized urban areas have frequently been identified as one of the most polluted areas in the world , with almost half of all babies registering dangerous levels of lead in the blood . It was found that chronic cough , bronchitis and chest illness in both children and adults (controlling for household variables such as… [banner_entry_footer]


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