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New Urbanism is a reaction to sprawl and is based on principles of planning and architecture that work together to create human-scale walkable communities . New Urbanism is having a growing influence on how and where metropolitan regions choose to grow and elements such as garages in the rear of houses , neighborhood greens and mixed-use town centers . New houses within neighborhoods , for example , must provide modern living spaces and amenities that consumers demand (and that competing suburban tract homes offer . Stores and businesses must have sufficient parking , modern floor plans , and connections to [banner_entry_middle]

automobile and pedestrian traffic , and /or transit systems . The design of neighborhoods , which can be defined by 13 elements [1] : 1 ) The neighborhood has a discernible center . This is often a square or a green and sometimes a busy or memorable street corner . A transit stop would be located at this center . 2 ) Most of the dwellings are within a five-minute walk of the center , an average of roughly 2 ,000 feet . 3 There are a variety of dwelling types – usually houses , rowhouses and apartments – so that younger and older people , singles and families the poor and the wealthy may find places to live . 4 ) At the edge of the neighborhood , there are shops and offices of sufficiently varied types to supply the weekly needs of a household . 5 ) A small ancillary building is permitted within the backyard of each house . It may be used as a rental unit or place to work (e .g , office or craft workshop . 6 ) An elementary school is close enough so that most children can walk from their home . 7 ) There are small playgrounds accessible to every dwelling — not more than a tenth of a mile away . 8 ) Streets within the neighborhood form a connected network , which disperses traffic by providing a variety of pedestrian and vehicular routes to any destination . 9 ) The streets are relatively narrow and shaded by rows of trees . This slows traffic , creating an environment suitable for pedestrians and bicycles . 10 ) Buildings in the neighborhood center are placed close to the street , creating a well-defined outdoor room . 11 Parking lots and garage doors rarely front the street . Parking is relegated to the rear of buildings , usually accessed by alleys . 12 Certain prominent sites at the termination of street vistas or in the neighborhood center are reserved for civic buildings . These provide sites for community meetings , education , and religious or cultural activities . 13 ) The neighborhood is organized to be self-governing . A formal association debates and decides matters of maintenance , security and physical change . Taxation is the responsibility of the larger community

VM Houses is a new residential project designed by PLOT [2] . It is a growing infill neighborhood inspired by the extension of Copenhagen ‘s relatively new subway line . The VM Houses (shaped respectively like a V and an M when seen from above ) recently won the Forum Prize for best new building in Scandinavia . While the article does not speak to whether the design of this property… [banner_entry_footer]


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