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Application Of Theory to Practice(In the Classroom)

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Running head : Application of Theory to Practice

Importance of Understanding Childhood Development in Classroom



The importance of a teacher in the development of children is indisputable . The way a teacher behaves and communicates in the classroom has a lasting effect on the child ‘s personality . During early childhood , the role played by teacher becomes more vital , as in this stage the child develops a lasting personality and new interests . A developmentally appropriate practice for teachers of child in the stage of early childhood should be based on the [banner_entry_middle]

knowledge of the stages of child development , and an understanding that each child ‘s experiences should match his or her development abilities . The significance of a teacher ‘s role is multifold in an early childhood classroom and the greatest challenge is dealing with diversity

Importance of Understanding Childhood Development in Classroom

Education is the most importance source of developing human faculties Children minds are like blank s and the education imparted during the early childhood forms the basis for further development . A sound and profound base eventually supports a strong personality building which is able to absorb and exploit different avenues of human intellect . The role played by teacher in the early childhood education therefore attains immense importance . In the past , teaching was considered as a mere combination of information-dispensing , custodial childcare and sorting out academically inclined students from others (Lanier , 1997 With the passage of time , the research carried out in this field has transformed this perception and it has now been recognized that instruction is not just lecturing the students who sit in rows at desks listening and recording what they hear . Schools have now been turned into centers of lifelong learning and teaching is recognized as one of the most challenging and respected professions , absolutely necessary for social , cultural and economic health of a nation

Nowadays the role of teacher is to get to know each student individually , to understand his or her needs , learning style , social background , interests and capabilities . Their job is to provide guidance to students as they grow , helping them integrate their social emotional , and intellectual growth . Thus , it becomes important for the teacher to understand the various stages of child ‘s development in to articulate his or her conduct accordingly . This has been designed to highlight importance of understanding the stages of human development in the classroom by the teacher . The will focus on problems that might result from a teacher ‘s lack of understanding these stages , and a discussion of teacher behaviors that would promote students thinking abilities , behaviors that would help students achieve greater success , and behaviors that would promote social and emotional well-being of the individual student as well as improve the classroom environment for children in the early childhood stage . The also includes classroom practices and materials that promote diversity and equity within the educational experience

Theories of Child Development and the Role of Teacher

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