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The world is fast becoming a bless place . Changes are occurring rapidly in the global markets and opportunities are abundant for anyone that is up to the challenge . The reason for this is because of the changes in communication technologies that are now presently available which allow people from all over the world to interact with each other and communicate more effectively and efficiently . While we may have already reached a degree of technological advancement that has surpassed even the imaginations and expectations of the previous generations there is clearly so much [banner_entry_middle]

more that can happen and so much more technology which can be developed . It is for this reason that I would pursue an occupation as a marketing manager for marketing manager for a company that sells electronic gadgets such as music players or mobile phones and the like regardless of education , training , special talent or expense

This choice may nevertheless seem to be unrelated to being part of the communications technology boom but it is actually one of the most important factors that will contribute to the growth of technology

New technology is always very intimidating . The oft used phrase , You cannot teach an old dog new tricks ‘ comes to mind when dealing with new technology and its acceptance in society . This is where the role of a marketing manager comes into play . The success of new technology is often highly dependent on the level of acceptance that it gets from the market . A good example would be the Sony MiniDisc which was a very advanced form of technology during its time but wasn ‘t accepted by the market and therefore led to its failure and all development in that field was discontinued

A marketing manager has a feel for the market which , to a certain extent , determines whether or not the new technology will be accepted in the market and will be further developed or will dictate the course of the development of new technology . This is the role that I want to play and this is the career or profession that I want to pursue

This is a field that faces constant challenges . To be a successful marketing manager , in the field of communication technology or even simply just technology in general , requires a special kind of skill and requires that the marketing manager always be on top of his game and knows the new developments in the field . Perhaps the most important aspect of being part of this field lies in knowing that the success of the marketing strategy is what will dictate the course of the development of new technology and maybe even pop culture on a global scale

This is a very exciting field that is rapidly evolving and trying to fulfill the different perceived needs of society . I would even dare say that this will determine what the future will be like . Will Ipods and Playstations rule the 21st century ? Or will something new come up and

While the engineers and the… [banner_entry_footer]


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