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Apple Computers

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Apple Computers

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Apple Computers

Steven Wozniak , a young engineer designed the Apple . Wozniak worked as a designer for Hewlett-Packard , a giant computer and calculator company During his spare time , Wozniak , or “Woz ” as he is more commonly known began to design his own personal computer . Much of the technology he used in the machine already existed . A lot that went into it , however was Wozniak was not very interested in being a businessperson . He built his [banner_entry_middle]

first computers mostly just for the sake of his pleasure . His friend Steven Jobs convinced him to establish their own company to sell computers . Jobs , who was a vegetarian , came up with the name Apple for their company . It was supposed to suggest that the machine was friendly and easy to use . The first Apple computers were put for sell to the public in 1978 (Levy , 1994 . They were built by Wozniak and Jobs in the garage of Jobs ‘ parents ‘ home and were an immediate success . The Apple quickly evolved into the Apple II , Apple II , Apple IIE and in 1985 , the Apple IIGS (Duprau and Tyson , 1986 . With the introduction of the Macintosh range in 1984 , Apple had become among the leading computer companies all over world . Other companies quickly followed Apple ‘s lead into the personal computing industry . Early manufacturers included Atari , Timex , Osborne , Texas Instruments , and IBM

Influences on the technology industry

Apple has initiated a number of advancements directly related to the Macintosh that were then accepted by the industry as a standard for the designing machines . Probably , Apple ‘s top impact on the industry was the industrial use for the first time of a graphical user-interface in operating system (OS ) software . Now , nearly every conventional OS depends on a graphical user interface , and most operating systems still repeat the design of the first Macintosh graphical user interface , like the use of the double click ‘ drag and drop ‘ and the mouse being used . The Macintosh as well initiated software which facilitated WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ‘ pronounced whizzy-wig ) text and graphics correction alongside noteworthy technical developments like long names allowing whitespace , not needing a extension , 3 .5 floppy disk drives , 8-bit mono audio , built-in speakers , and an output jack as typical features (Computer history , 2006

The Macintosh platform has initiated many advancements and designs that had noteworthy influences on the computer industry , specifically in the domain of communications standards . Among the first was the Macintosh Plus , which , in 1986 , effectively initiated the SCSI interface . In 1990 the Macintosh IIsi and the Macintosh LC initiated standard audio in ports and out ports – now , these ports are standard on the mainstream computers . Starting with the iMac in 1998 , Apple set the Universal Serial Bus standard and initiated FireWire , a high-speed data transfer bus , currently admired in media-editing computers and nearly all the digital video cameras (About Inventors , 2006 ) Apple has made innovation in the domain… [banner_entry_footer]


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