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Ever since I was a child , I have always looked up into the sky in wonder . While not really familiar with the constellations and not really interested in the study of cosmology , I still find myself longing to see what ‘s out there . For as far back as I can remember , there were always television programs and movies that show how life would be like out in space . When I was a child , I took this as fact , that life outside our planet was possible . But today , I know that we travel out there [banner_entry_middle]

but humanity is still largely held within the confines of our planet Looking out into the stars , I wonder how far technology has gone , and how much longer does the average person have to wait to see what is out there

As early as 360 B .C , man already expressed an interest in the stars Gazing up at the night-time sky , people would wonder what those tiny sparkly things were , what they were made of , and even , if they would be as pretty up close . In his Timaeus , Plato set forth a discussion of the creation of man and of the universe , with God creating the sun and moon and five other stars , or planets . Today the difference between a planet and a star is well-known , but looking up at the blanket of lights , no one can really tell with just the naked eye

Man ‘s fascination with the stars involved not only fortune-telling and the charting of destinies , but also involved hard sciences , like mathematics and physics . Still , the interest in heavenly bodies was from the viewpoint of earth . People admired and wondered about what was up there from down here . In the meantime , people also became more interested in things in the same hemisphere . They began to explore and venture outside their small territories to the surrounding areas , in search for food or other resources . As man became more sophisticated so did his wants and needs . His lifestyle became sedentary instead of nomadic , and this allowed him to plant crops and harvest food that was greater than what he needed to survive . With this surplus came the notion of leisure because man had extra resources , man did not have to work , so man could do other things

Among these other things was travel . Man began going to other places other countries , other continents , not only for business , but also for leisure . Now , man can take a trip to almost any place on the globe , for the right amount of money . There are thousands of travel agencies that can book trips to hundreds of different places around the world . And with the advances of modern technology , it will soon be possible for man to look at the stars from a different perspective : up close and personal . Soon , there will be a space tourism industry as well developed as domestic and international tourism

The earliest space flights were attempted by the United States and the Soviet… [banner_entry_footer]


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