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Anxiety Diss

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: Anxiety Diss


Question : Discuss the currently accepted biological and psychological theories about the causes of each of the diss in the class you choose . Also discuss the likely mode of action of the medications used to treat these diss . Explain the process you would go through when seeing a patient with one of these diss , including how you would make a differential diagnosis , conditions you would want to rule out and how you would make decisions about treatment . Include in your discussion the process you would go through in determining [banner_entry_middle]

if and when pharmacological treatment was warranted . This is a research requiring references outside of the class reading . Your should cite at least 15 references , including journal articles and recent texts . Use APA format (approx .10-15 double-spaced pages . Need in-text citations

Anxiety diss are a group of psychiatric conditions in which anxiety is the main symptom . Usually people may become anxious in certain situations (such as a scary moment . However , if anxiety is experienced without any obvious cause or stimulus , then it may be a problematic and related to a psychiatric cause . The various categories of anxiety diss include : –

Acute stress dis : It is a condition experienced immediately after a stressful incident . The individual experiencing or even witnessing the incident (such as a threat , accident or a physical attack ) is in a state of shock and fear

Agoraphobia (with or without panic dis : It is an irrational fear of leaving the home (or environments that the individual would be considering safe ) and being in public places . Agoraphobia can occur along with panic dis or alone

Generalized anxiety dis : It is a long-standing psychiatric dis in which the individual tends to worry excessively , and develops fear and anxiety for no apparent cause

Obsessive-Compulsive dis (OCD : It is an anxiety dis in which the individual develops several recurrent and irrational thoughts (known as `obsessions ) to perform specific activities or rituals (known as `compulsion

Panic Dis (with or without agoraphobia : It is a condition in which the individual develops recurrent , sudden and unexpected bouts of intense fear and associated with several physical symptoms such as breathlessness , fatigue , tiredness , choking , nausea , vomiting , etc , for no apparent reason

Phobias (including social phobia : It is an uncontrollable , unrealistic and persistent fear of an object , event or position

Post-traumatic stress dis : It is a mental dis in which psychiatric dis occurring after either suffering or witnessing a very traumatic life-event (including war incidents , massacres hijackings , accidents , natural disasters , attacks , etc

Theory for Anxiety dis

The psychodynamic theory provides many views regarding the origin of several anxiety diss :-

Toxic theory of anxiety : It was put forth by Sigmund Freud . He considered that unused sexual strength (also known as `libido ) appeared as anxiety . Individuals who were not able to express their sexual intention would experience anxiety . The individual may express their sexual intentions in many ways such as sexual trauma , unhealthy sexual practices and suppressing sexual urges

Signal Theory of anxiety : Freud soon… [banner_entry_footer]


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