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Antisocial Personality Dis

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: Antisocial Personality Dis

p : language Write a describing the personality features and biological aspects of the antisocial personality dis

Scientists today are looking more at the biological features of personality diss . How does the environment affect the onset of personality diss in relations to biological factors

Antisocial personality dis is a condition that usually begins by the age of 15 years , and is characterised a prolonged history of antisocial behavior . The individual tends to infringe upon the rights of others . He /she does not seem to listen to anybody else [banner_entry_middle]

, but follows their own intentions . The dis usually begins during childhood and continues in adulthood . Studies conducted by the ECA and the NCS in the US , demonstrate that Antisocial personality dis occur in 2 .4 to 3 .5 of the population , with greater prevalence in males (5 .8 compared to females (1 .2 (Ball , M . E . et al , 2001

The child infringes or violates other people ‘s rights by stealing abusing , fighting , destroying property , and killing or abusing animals They tend to disregard social norms completely , and may go to any extent to protect themselves (such as lying or acting aggressive . Once these children reach adulthood , they begin to cause a different range of problems . They fail in their occupational or academic endeavors , and do not maintain family commitment . They are reckless , impulsive , get easily irritable , are very aggressive with others , and lack repentance They tend to constantly cheat others and are completely irresponsible The individual may commits several illegal or unacceptable acts such as driving under the influence , missing classes , assaulting or attacking drug abuse , extramarital affairs , child and spouse abuse , etc . These individuals tend to have a very flattering manner of interacting with others and frequently make demands . They may use all their intelligence to demonstrate charm . Frequently they use slang words or speak unnecessary things . If held responsible for something , they tend to put the blame on others . The other symptoms that may also be seen in such individuals include depression , mood changes , substance abuse , erratic behavior , etc (Ball , M . E . et al , 2001

The exact manner in which antisocial personality dis is caused is still not understood clearly . Scientists suggest that a range of several factors including biological and environmental causes , interact with one another to play a role in the development of this dis (Ball , M . E . et al , 2001

Several biological factors have been implicated in the development of the antisocial and criminal behavior including genetic variables , CNS injury , decreased arousal of the nervous system , disturbances in the neurotransmitters present in the brain and temperament problems . These biological factors tend to interact with one another (Kavoussi , R et al 1997

Heredity is one of the most controversial issues regarding the development of antisocial behavior . Strong evidence exist that criminal behavior and non-violent acts may be inherited , compared to juvenile antisocial behavior and violent criminal behavior . In monozygotic twins (identical twins , the criminal pattern of one sibling seems to be similar… [banner_entry_footer]


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