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There is a difference between Darfur ‘s genocide and that of Rwanda ‘s Rwanda ‘s 1994 genocide was never termed as such until it was way too late and the killing has already claimed hundreds and thousands of lives . While in July 22 , 2004 , the U .S . Congress has declared the violence in Darfur , Sudan a genocide ( Darfur Crisis Background Warren Christopher , an accomplished lawyer and then Secretary of State directed his staff to keep clear from calling the Rwanda crisis genocide and to say instead that [banner_entry_middle]

“acts of genocide may have been committed (Omaar . In technical terms , Darfur benefited from the hard lesson learned from Rwanda regarding the so called g ‘ word

Rwanda ‘s genocide was state-sponsored . It was the ruling Hutu government who persuaded and rallied the Hutu people to form assassinations squads called Interahamwe to exterminate the Tutsis , the moderates , and those who allied themselves to the Tutsis . Likewise in Darfur , the genocide is and still continues to be with the central government ‘s blessing through its armed militia , the Janjaweed . The Janjaweed have even done worse than the Hutus . They continue to destroy villages , killed , abducted , and most of all gang-raped non-Arab Muslims in Darfur

Rwanda ‘s genocide was a tribal slaughter against the Tutsis by the dominant Hutus . Likewise , the Janjaweed targets the Fur , Tunjur Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups , presumed to be sympathetic to rebels opposing the government For hundreds of years prior to World War I Darfur was a country under a Muslim sultanate . They had their own political organization and enjoyed independence . When the Kingdom of Darfur was defeated by European colonizers in 1916 it was uneasily merged with Sudan which was then a British and Egyptian territory (Shoup Crisis . It must be noted that Darfur , like most African nations , is composed of tribal groups led by tribal chiefs

Until it ‘s independence in 1956 , the British had a policy of running Sudan as two essentially separate colonies , the south and the north ( Sudan . Without respecting the political organization and culture of Darfur , the colonizers , in part , set the stage in the internal struggle of this nation which continue to this day

Upon gaining its independence in 1956 , the central government replaced the chieftains with people ‘s councils ‘ The change in organizational style , however , did not mean equality in the allocation of resources and providing basic services especially to the people of Darfur (Shoup Crisis

A military coup in 1969 divided Darfur : Gharb Darfur in the west Shamal Darfur in the north and Janub Darfur in the south . This divide-and-conquer system was initiated by the Arab-dominated central government in the pretext of ending the violent clashes among pro-independence rebels in the region . It was also to prevent the dominant Fur tribe from influencing tribal politics . Division allowed more control over Darfur area (Shoup Crisis

The central government has appointed all administrative and economic officials such as governors and council ministers in each Darfur state Appointments of all key officials… [banner_entry_footer]


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