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If the government were to enact universal coverage with 2 ,500 deductibles many problems within the health care system would be solved People currently not receiving health care because of lack of insurance , would be able to go to medical facilities more often . In addition , many families spend more then 2 ,500 a year on health insurance premiums . Having this type of deductible without having to pay premiums would mean that more families would be able to receive higher health care services as well as have more money to spend within the [banner_entry_middle]

family unit . There would no longer be a choice of having to pay a health care premium or another bill in the household . In addition patients would no longer be forced to seek care within their HMO circles

However , even though more people would benefit from a universal coverage there would still be some new problems created . Recipients of Medicaid would have to be re-evaluated . With the deductible , these recipients would have to make higher partial payments for medical care In addition , some of the elderly would have a difficult time meeting the 2 ,500 deductible on limited or social security based incomes Stipulations and regulations would have to be put into place to address these two groups of people

Limitation of the amounts that juries are allowed to award victims of medical malpractice would greatly reduce healthcare costs . Currently companies and doctors are having to charge more for services offered to patients to cover the cost of malpractice insurance premiums . With a cap on the amount of injury awards , the cost of malpractice insurance would lower and then doctors and health care providers would be able to reduce fees for services for patients . In addition , more claims could be settled out of court and the reduction of legal fees could also be passed onto the patients by the health care providers… [banner_entry_footer]


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