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Answer the question: Discuss how race and gendar create a unique life experience for women of color

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I often find it ironic to note that there is so much inequality in a land that boasts of being the pillar of democracy and freedom . America which is said to be the cradle of democracy , clearly has a lot of issues when it comes to racism and gender-based bias . This issue is particularly felt by Black women who opted to live in the so-called land of the free . One need not to look far nor analyze very deeply American society to understand the type of women [banner_entry_middle]

accepted and admired by Americans

Urban sidewalks are decorated by many magazine stands that showcase the stereotype American woman : tall , blond and white . For a melting pot such as the United States , I find this reality very disconcerting especially for women of a different race . As noted by Christy Haubegger in her piece entitled I ‘m not fat , I ‘m Latina , the proliferation of women ‘s magazines is one of the reasons why Hispanics , particularly Latinas , do not feel beautiful . There is a mold that has been set and they just don ‘t fit in (Haubegger 2

Reading her essay stirred some very uncomfortable feelings for me . For one thing , I have realized that our society has unwittingly made life quite difficult for women of color . Realistically speaking , being a woman already has certain biases on its own . Isn ‘t it true that women are regarded as the weaker sex in most societies and it is upon the women herself to prove the opposite ? Although more and more women have found themselves successfully climbing the corporate ladder and successfully venturing into fields previously set for men alone , fact remains that there is still a bias that they have to penetrate through It takes a woman double amount of effort to make herself worthy of the world ‘s attention and maybe even more than that if she is colored

Although it is true that we have seen the rise of most black Americans it still is a fact that the cases of Oprah Winfrey or Halle Berry are more of the exception than the rule . Despite the success of the likes of Winfrey and Berry , there still is a big number of Black Americans who are trying desperately to live above the line of poverty and become successful in their own way . This is most likely caused by the fact that wealth is not always inherited by black people . If colored women become successful , it is most likely because of sheer hard work and determination – not because they were fortunate enough to belong to wealthy families

Needless to say , the realities of day to day living have made life for colored women very unique indeed . Aside from being women , they also have to rise above being colored . Some have succumbed to the pressure and have resigned themselves to a life of being second class citizens in the land of the Free . And yet , many still struggle to finally… [banner_entry_footer]


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