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Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

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A Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are both considered eating diss that stem from psychological origins . However , differences exist between the two manifestations of psychological diss . One major difference between the two is that persons with anorexia tend to display more obsession with regard to their actions and eating habits than do persons who suffer from bulimia . Anorexic persons express more control over their actions to the point that they are better able to restrict caloric intake than their bulimic counterparts (Comer , 2000

The medical complications that are caused by these eating [banner_entry_middle]

diss also differ . Anorexics almost universally suffer from amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation , whereas bulimics rarely suffer from this malady Bulimics , however , often suffer from severe dental issues caused by the reaction of the teeth and gums to the hydrochloric acid let into the mouth during vomiting . Furthermore , bulimics quite often also suffer from deficiencies in potassium (due to excessive diarrhea from laxatives . This leads to various serious health problems such as kidney and heart disease , intestinal problems , and general weakness (Comer 2000

A third difference between bulimia and anorexia can be found in the motivations for the dis . While anorexics often suffer from a psychologically impaired self image that drives their desire to reduce food intake , bulimics are often externally motivated . The self image of bulimics is therefore derived from a desire to make others approve of them . This has also led to the fact that bulimics are often more social and possess more sexual exposure than anorexics (Comer , 2000

B . One major reason for the prevalence of eating diss in the United States is , in my opinion , the overwhelming influence of the entertainment industry . The rigorous requirements for entrance into the industry require that women (especially ) be very thin . Models are generally selected from a pool of persons having just one body type tall and skinny . This body type is virtually impossible for a large proportion of women to achieve – yet this is what is portrayed as normal via television , billboards , and magazines

Another major reason for eating diss is the ready availability of inexpensive fast food . This food tends to taste very good , yet provide a disproportionately larger caloric content than is necessary for the body . As a result , people become overweight . Bulimia results in those persons who are unable to control their eating , but who have a great desire to be thin

C . One reason for the prevalence of eating diss among women is the greater pressure that society puts on women to be attractive . This pressure comes in large part from men , who are generally more visually stimulated than are women . Because women desire to be (physically attractive to men , they are more likely to have eating diss

D . The article by Britz et al (2000 ) that looked primarily into the psychological dis eating dis found in bulimic and obese persons (30 females and 17 males ) found that high levels of mood and anxiety diss were found in obese and bulimic persons who could… [banner_entry_footer]


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