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Annotated Bibliography

Cervo , Nathan A . Yeats ‘ `Among School Children ‘ Explicator Fall (2001 :

30-31 . This piece

discusses arguably one of the more interesting works of Yeats entitled among School Children . The discussion revolves around how W .B Yeats deconstructs the value of the things that are taught by kindly nuns to the children under their supposed care . It is clear from the onset that the analysis points out the view that Yeats does not approve of such and adopts a nihilistic view of the endeavor . A Key concept here is how Yeats [banner_entry_middle]

knows that man ‘s enterprise ‘ amounts to nothing (nil , to 0 The analysis goes on to show how Yeats criticizes the actions taken by not only the nuns in the price but also of similarly aligned individuals in society as well

article focuses on Yeats ‘ poem Among School Children

Clark , David and Clark , Rosalind . The Collected Works of W .B . Yeats Vol . II : The Plays

Scribner (2001 : page 956 . The plays , as edited by David R . Clark and Rosalind E . Clark , do a magnificent job of compiling all of the works of Yeats and arranging them in the that the author had originally intended . While most other works just randomly place the works of Yeats in books or group them according to supposed themes and s , this piece takes all of works of Yeats and arranges them in such a way as to reflect a continued progression and development in the style of Yeats With works such as Countess Cathleen and the Death of Chuchlian and Yeats ‘ own interpretations of Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at Colonus , this collection allows one to enter the mind of Yeats . Perhaps the most impressive details that is included in this work are the accurate text and extensive editorial notes , this work is a very informative piece for anyone intent on understanding and learning more about the works of Yeats . This text will surely bring about a better appreciation of the works of the great W .B Yeats and perhaps bring about renewed interest in his works and initiate critical evaluation of his pieces

Finneran , Richard . Yeats : An Annual of Critical and textual Studies Volume XVI 1998 (2001

294 pages . This consists of six (6 ) articles , a long review essay and four shorter reviews . Richard Finneran has had the courage to re the poems according to notes that Yeats made shortly before his death All readers of Yeats will need this book when they open it they will feel a surprise like that experienced by St . Brendan the Navigator and his crew when they disembarked upon an island that turned out to be the back of a dormant sea monster . This latest volume of Yeats continues the tradition of excellence with nine new critical essays and a host of book reviews . Highlights include “Yeats at Fifty ” a recent essay by A Walton Litz a consideration of the art in the Cuala Press Broadsides by Elizabeth Bergmann Loizeaux and a discussion of the… [banner_entry_footer]


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