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Animators of The Past

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Animators of the Past

It is necessary to outline that Emile Cohl and James Stuart Blackton were the first to use the possibilities of animation and to create the first animated cartoons . Therefore , they are of great interest as their animated works has significantly contributed to the development of American and French cinematography . Emile Cohl is known to be a famous caricaturist of forgotten Incoherent movement . Furthermore , he was a cartoonist and animator called The Oldest Parisian ‘ and The Farther of the Animated Cartoon (Crafton 1990 ) As for James Stuart Blackton [banner_entry_middle]

he is known to a famous producer of first American films of the Silent Era . Moreover , he is the founder of Vitagrapgh Studios (Barrier 1999

It is necessary to admit that Blackton was among the first filmmakers who used the techniques of drawn animation and stop-motion . So , Emile Cohl is his follower trying to use the same techniques in creating animated films . His family wasn ‘t on the top of social ladder and it was difficult for a boy to achieve anything in the life . Emile ‘s father was a simple rubber salesman and his mother was a linen seamstress . Thus the family was forced to move to Paris , where success was waiting for Emile (Crafton 1990

Stuart Blackton was born on England and at the age of ten was also talked into moving to New York . Firstly , he was doing between the Edison films , but later he decided to produce films by his own . It was the beginning of the Vitagraph Studio . With time flowing the profits were increasing and Stuart decided to try and idea that sprang to his head . So , Blacktop appeared to have succeeded in developing the first concepts of animation (Barrier 1999

Blackton ‘s first film is known to be The Enchanted Drawing ‘ in 1900 A face , bottle of wine and cigars were sketched in the film . These drawing appeared to be presented as a real objects and the face was reacting . Such action was called stop-action variety used later by Emile Cohl as well . The next film appeared in 1906 and was called Humorous Phases of Funny Faces . Here the filmmaker used the stop-motion technique in to produce a series of effects (Barrier 1999

Comparing with Emile Cohl , it is necessary to state that both of them were really fascinated and interested in motion pictures and animation In to be provided with an opportunity to produce films , Cohl collaborated with all directors learning cinematography from comedies fairy pieces and pageants . Nevertheless , James Stuart Blackton appeared to have played decisive role in Cohl ‘s future as his film The Haunted House ‘ greatly impressed Cohl . Therefore , the idea of doing animation appeared in his head . He studied film by film to discover true technique of animation (Bendazzi 2001

Cohl ‘s first animated film was Fantasmagorie ‘ released in 1908 . This film is considered the first being fully animated . The film consisted in more than 700 drawings and was running of about two minutes . Actually… [banner_entry_footer]


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