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Analyzing The Boeing Company

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Analyzing The Boeing Company

p Introduction

Boeing Company is the US Aerospace Company incorporated in 1916 headquartered in Chicago working with six different segments of Commercial Airplanes , Aircraft and Weapon Systems , Network Systems Support Systems , Launch and Orbital Systems 1 , and Boeing Capital Corporation 2 . The relevant segments produce relevant aircraft and provide aviation support , aircraft modifications , spares , training maintenance documents , research , development of improved processes and the creation of new products

Research Methodology

There are two broad areas that will be covered in the assessment . The [banner_entry_middle]

br First segment of this Research proposal will be examined to provide a theoretical basis for the study and the Second segment of this proposal should involve the application of Boeing Company as to gain a more accurate measure along with data presentation . The Research Questions should be analyzed are as –

1 ) a ) What factors must Boeing consider when making the decision to produce a new family of airplanes like the 777

b ) What would be the expected cash inflows , and what would be the expected cash outflows and to categorize the outflows into two types one-time outflows and annual

1 It is the launch exploration , and satellite products and services sector of Boeing Company

2 It provides financing solutions for the space and defense markets


2 . a ) The costs of developing a new family of airplanes are enormous Why would Boeing argue to incur these costs when it is able to continue producing older model planes like the 747 and the 767

b ) Framing this discussion in terms of a capital budgeting decision evaluating the opportunities in terms of cash inflows and cash outflows



The Boeing Ethics and Business Conduct Office has revised . Boeing Company ‘s ethics procedures and practices throughout Boeing and as a result of comparing the best practices of their heritage companies , the ethics policy and its related procedures have been revised . The recent Ethical Business Conduct Guidelines 3 deliberate the decision making to produce a new family of airplanes like the 777 , are as follows-


Boeing Company consider that they are the world- class leader in every aspect of their business in developing their team leadership skills at every level in their management presentation in the way Boeing Company design , build , and support their products and in their financial results

3 Mentioned in Boeing Company ‘s Corporate Governance Integrity

Boeing Company will always take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards , and by honoring their commitments . It will take personal responsibility for their actions , and treat everyone fairly and with trust and respect 4


Boeing Company will strive for continuous quality improvement in all that Boeing Company do , so that Boeing Company will rank among the world ‘s premier industrial firms in customer , employee and community satisfaction 5

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are essential to their success . Boeing Company would achieve requires and delivering it flawlessly


As Technology driven business unit requirements , it looks for the technology programs that can meet… [banner_entry_footer]


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