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The Problem Figure 1 . Fisher FVD-C1 Camc (Back View

The real goals for this device were not fully achieved . The goals should have answered the functionality and cost aspect in relation to other products such as against high end digital camera or low end digital camc . In terms of functionality , the need for a view finder to fix on something when you are zooming from a distance was not included . For a digital camc with zoom functionality , they should have taken into account [banner_entry_middle]

that the viewfinder helps fix objects from a distance . In relation the price , it appears more expensive than 200 dollar digital camera with video streaming capability and it ‘s even more expensive than low end digital camc . Part of the goals of being handy and portability were achieved . There is probably nothing wrong with the execution phase , the device was built according to the intended physical characteristic . What went wrong were more on the evaluation phase . When put on the market , how would people perceive such as device . For example camcs should compete more on the video taking capability , the need for view finders for fixing at distant devices , size is just a secondary issue . If they want to compete more in terms of size , that is the area of digital camera with flash capability that provides perfect picture This camc is trying to compete with digital cameras because of the lack of viewfinder but its still pictures are not even close to 100 dollar digital cameras capable of up to 2 Megapixel . Digital cameras are also capable of video streaming although in shorter duration but this is about the same with a camc that does not have a viewfinder . The size also limits its storage capacity

2 . Design Principles

First we look at the aspect of visibility , by looking at the Fisher FVD-C1 , it looks very attractive and it probably suggest immediately that it is a camc but ones we have identified it as a digital camc , we then look at the viewfinder and LCD display . By merely looking we can probably see the LCD display immediately but the view finder is nowhere to be seen . Looking at the aspect of good conceptual model , we look at the operating capability and sees that it has most of the features of a digital camc , automatic focus , white balance playback and zoom (digital and optical . Zoom normally connotes the need for a viewfinder and this is a little defect in the conceptual model Then it tries to imitate the functions of a digital camera by providing still picture capability and sacrifice storage capacity over size but if we look at from the price perspective , this is not the case . The price is equivalent to a digital camc that is slightly above the low end Then we look at the aspect of good mapping and see that the controls provide good sense of input and output mapping . At the back , the… [banner_entry_footer]


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