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Analysis Poem on `To Brooklyn Bridge` by Hart Crane

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p Analysis Poem on `To Brooklyn Bridge` by Hart Crane Analysis Poem on `To Brooklyn Bridge` by Hart Crane ’93Proem : to Brooklyn Bridge ’94 by Hart Crane functions as the introduction or ’93overture ’94 to Crane ’92s epic poem ’93The Bridge ’94 Conceived by Crane as both as an ’93answer ’94 to Eliot ’92s famous poem ’93The Wasteland ’94 and as a ’93synthesis of America ’94 ’93The Bridge ’94 reveals itself as a complex series of interconnected lyric poems loosely configured around American history , unified [banner_entry_middle]

by a theme of sustained ecstacy and poetic illumination . As such , ’93Proem : to Brooklyn Bridge ’94 introduces Crane ’92s central literary symbol , the Brooklyn Bridge itself , and reveals , through a succession of ’93visions ’94 the myriad facets of the Bridge ’92s ultimate symbolic connotations , which are pursued throughout the ensuing set of lyrics . The Bridge operates symbolically as an indicator of transcendent truth , a touchstone for American myth and a plastic demonstration of the romantic urge Crane believes is inherent in humanity

’93To Brooklyn Bridge ’94 predicates its poetic expression on two dominant compositional modes . The first mode is symbolist (notably after the example of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud , wherein objects (such as the Brooklyn Bridge ) are revealed as indicators of other unspecified quantities , emotions , or epiphanies . For example , the seagull in the poem ’92s opening stanza ’93The seagull ’92s wings shall dip and pivot him /Shedding white rings of tumult , building high /Over the chained bay waters Liberty ’94 indicates the surge of transcendental freedom , inherent in the exhilaration of art and poetry

The seagull represents inspiration and spiritual exaltation , in fact operating as an ’93invocation to the muses ’94 to the extent that this single image sets the poem and the reader in flight . The subsequent ’93dive ’94 ’93 – ’97Till elevators drop us from our day ’94 results in a new symbolic connotation : the use of a movie theater ’93I think of cinemas , panoramic sleights /With multitudes bent toward some flashing scene ’94 which symbolically evokes the inverse of the seagull symbol

Analysis Poem on `To Brooklyn Bridge` by Hart Crane Page -2-the restriction of the mere senses and an obvious Neo-platonic expression , where the movie theater recalls Plato ’92s cave

The second dominant mode in ’93To Brooklyn Bridge ’94is slightly more difficult to grasp or quantify , but can , nevertheless , be securely regarded as metaphysical . That is , the use of image , symbol , metaphor and prosody in the poem are meant to indicate spiritual and religious urges that have been hitherto undiscovered by means of ordinary perception and expression . This mode manifests itself via the poem ’92s obvious religious imagery in stanzas 7-11 , but also propels the sense of Brooklyn Bridge ’94 meets the printed page , italicized throughout , also promotes the motion and Prosodically , ` ’91To Brooklyn Bridge ’94 presents eleven blank-verse quatrains . This form fosters a formal , deliberate atmosphere while avoiding the predictability of a regular… [banner_entry_footer]


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