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Success in the Kent State MBA Program requires that a student possess a variety of skills and attributes your work experiences also add to your ability to succeed . Characteristics such as a talent for working with numbers , a passion for learning , or a wealth of experience in the business world are examples of useful tools for MBA candidates to possess

In an MBA Program , the student ‘s attributes and skills are valued as much as , if not more than , work and life experiences . This is so because the program is designed to [banner_entry_middle]

present the bigger picture of the ever changing and complex business world to the students . To amplify the program ‘s learning approach , the students are encouraged to apply their personal skills and experiences to different business context . However to gauge the student ‘s success on the program solely on this basis (as enumerated ) is inequitable . Adjudicating success based on the scale of what the student has at present is an unfounded conclusion because a lot of external and internal factors can influence success in the MBA program . The identified skills and characteristics are basics that may influence success but are not absolute determinants of student ‘s success in the program

Success as the achievement of something desired through a process can be influenced by factors not evident at the start of the program Accordingly , success as a process touches every aspect of the student ‘s life , thus it cannot be hinged only on particular identified positive skills , characteristics , and experiences in the student ‘s life . The foundation of success is not so much on what you have at present but how you learn along the pathway to your goal and how you consistently give your best commitment and determination from the start until the end of the task . Along with the student ‘s skills and experiences , behavior and attitude are also very important determinants of success . The person ‘s behavior and attitude determine the consistency of the person ‘s desire and focus on the goal especially when the road towards it is beset by challenging ups and downs . Above all , the relationship with significant others in the student ‘s life contribute greatly to his success . It is to be noted that nobody can exist alone and no one can operate in a vacuum

Just like any of my endeavor , I have already prepared myself for the challenges that the MBA program may bring into my personal and professional life . When I decided to embark into this enriching yet challenging program , I have already set my goals and stamped these indelibly in my mind and heart so that I can keep my eyes focus into it To reinforce this , I have given my full commitment and determination to really succeed on the program . Based on experience , I know that what would propel a person towards the achievement of his goal are : positive attitude and behavior , determination , and commitment . One may not have the sufficient tools at the start of… [banner_entry_footer]


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