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Analyse the rigour and validity of the methods used within the research article below, and reflect upon the value of this piece of research to practice.

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Research Article Analysis


It cannot be denied that research has become of great importance to any profession . Everyone is aware of the fact that knowledge is increased through research and that critique of that research can also provide a basis for improving the research practices

Analyzing the rigour and validity of an action research is fundamental to the utilization and evidence based practice . The process of an action research critique is an intellectual activity which will help one decide as to what extent research maybe [banner_entry_middle]

useful in practice to see if the findings are trustworthy , and be able to compare it with other related research . While the term “research ” has been used rather freely in the past , there has also been a tendency to perceive research as an end in itself rather than as a means to an end , namely improvement in the quality of care in the community . As LoBiondo-Wood et al (2002 mention , the meaning of quality research in nursing should contribute to knowledge relevant to care and nursing service . Further , nursing research should provide a specialized scientific knowledge base that empowers the nursing profession to anticipate and meet these challenges and maintain our societal relevance

This will critique the article , The cycle of homelessness in the lives of young mothers : the diagnostic phase of an action research project . This article was chosen because of its present relevance As according to the Department of Health (1998 , the United Kingdom health policy has placed increased emphasis on improving the health of homeless people and proposes a prominent role for health visitors in developing new public health initiatives . In addition , the Health Education Authority ‘s Expert Working Group on Homelessness and Health Promotion identified that there is a particular lack of research to provide an evidence-base for practice in this field . Hence , this sets out to contribute to the research by outlining the findings of a small-scale action research study investigating the needs of mothers who are frequently homeless


The research question is a “situation in need of a solution , improvement or alteration or a discrepancy in the way things are or the way they ought to be (Burns Grove , 1993 . This article , The cycle of homelessness in the lives of young mothers : the diagnostic phase of an action research project ‘ by Susan Walters , BA , MSc , RGN , RMN , HV and Linda East , BSc , MPhil , RGN (2001 ) presented a clear core question What are the experiences and life stories of people who are homeless It is important to take note that this is a diagnostic phase of an action research . Hence the best approach for this research question is using discussion group method . This is the best approach to answer the research question as it allowed the participants to share their experiences and life stories but more importantly to relate their own story with the other participants as well . Further , this method allowed the participants to developed views about each other experiences and stories… [banner_entry_footer]


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