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Model or Paradigm Case (a

Residents of a region of a certain country led by Jawa were making a protest . One of their agenda is to declare the region they are inhabiting at to be a separate nation – one they refer as freedom respect from anyone of different race (particularly those they call Puti , and that anyone that regards to them as a low level person or that if anyone shows discrimination over their race or ethnicity shall be held liable of an offense and should [banner_entry_middle]

be a criminal liability . The government may have no problem over the other two demands , however their requirement of declaring their region as a separate and one nation is very impossible to meet . Jawa ‘s people were so disappointed that they were not granted of such demand . With the use of firearms and other fatal weapons , they massacre some civilians of other regions . They also take hostage of people visiting their region , including tourists from other countries , for ransom in exchange of the kind of freedom they want . Whenever one of Jawa ‘s people dies , they immediately point their fingers to the Puti , thus , taking one of the Puti ‘s life in exchange of that of Jawa ‘s (b

Jawa and his people might have suffered discrimination , but resorting to violence and harmful acts does not compensate it

Harming tourists and noncivilians to create fear or terror constitutes an act of terrorism

Jawa and his people have basically conducted an uncustomary warfare

Terrorism is an act of accusing and killing a person just to show their anguish

Civil disobedience is an active demand of occupying power without the use of physical violence

It is an act of breaking certain laws by performing a peaceful rally or protest (c

Civil disobedience is characterized with a peaceful protest includes breaking of laws , but does not harm outsiders it has limits and does not resort killing

Terrorism really intends to inflict fear , harm and violence to earn attention easily resorts to killing

Contrary or Opposite Case (a

A majority of the employees in a government office has been experiencing lack of compensation for 3 years . Because of the subservience of most of the workers , the plan of forming a group for protest has always been unsuccessful as they were often discovered by the puppets of the upper management that caused corruption and tyranny . One day , an individual led the group for an assembly , which finally formed a protest by performing a strike at the entrance outside the office community , with the agenda that their wages should be given at an exact amount , that they are paid retroactive with the balances from the beginning their pay are inaccurate . The strike lasted for a week . The said protest were agreed not involve physical harm , and that even if they are provoked by some securities in the office , they should not resort to physical violence . The workers who participated in the strike are not… [banner_entry_footer]


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