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`An Unquiet Mind` by Kay Redfield Jamison

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Kay Redfield Jamison authored An Unquiet Mind , a memoir describing the troubling existence of mental illness in her life . This autobiographical journey reached out to a world that is peopled in mental illness . She writes of her drive , emotional intensity , and passion and pain in life as she struggled with severe manic depression This is a story with healing implications for a world that struggles to find therapeutic resolution to this debilitating illness . I will discuss some of the key elements in Jamison ‘s empowering voyage through life and her madness p [banner_entry_middle]

Jamison was an ingenious and unpredictable child . Her illness slowly transfigured her state of mind in the latter chapters of her teen years Manic depression hit her with a serious emotional meltdown at the age of 17 , thereby setting the stage for the challenges to come with her brain disease . She found addiction in the manic highs that offered feelings of grandeur and omnipotence . The other side of her diseased mind sent her plummeting into the pits of depression where she contemplated suicide – sometimes with the trigger of gun and other times standing at the ledge of a building

The novel setting chronicles her life from childhood into adulthood From the age of seven , in the second grade , she witnessed a terrifying plane crash , just on the outer perimeter of her elementary school campus . Her father , a pilot in the Air Force , added the fascination of flight and death , something that stuck with her . Jamison wrote , I never again looked at the sky and saw only vastness and beauty . From that afternoon on I saw that death was also and always there

One critical element that aided in her ability to cope , in adulthood was her demonstrative , supportive family . Even though they were a mobile-military family , her mother did her best to secure structure along with the support of her elder brother , father , and grandmother Kay and her brother excelled in school and extra-curricular activities Kay found pleasure in her adolescent years . She wrote , They were to be an extremely powerful amulet , a potent and positive countervailing force against future unhappiness . Her sister , on the other hand , was self-absorbed , defiant , demanding , and lacked compassion for the families uprooted lifestyle . However , her sister could also be witty and charming , traits passed down from dad

Ms . Jamison had an ability to cast symbolism of deft clarity , thereby creating magical images that pulled the reader in and kept their interest peaked . She described her father ‘s persona with eloquence , as can be seen here : When times were good and his moods were at high tide his infectious enthusiasm would touch everything . Her mother was kind generous , and had the role of offering counsel when life ‘s incidents called for it . In a nutshell , her extended family was a plethora of caring , well-liked people willing to help those in need of help

Prior to her first taste of true mental madness , her father retired from the Air Force . The family moved from Washington… [banner_entry_footer]


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