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An Inconvenient Truth

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The movie An Inconvenient Truth manages to show the enhance awareness in each one on the workings of complex natural phenomena of glaciers that recede and the increase in carbon dioxide emissions and global warming . He expounds on the moral imperative ‘ that is involved in the reduction of greenhouse gases . What makes this film unique is the way the narratives convince viewers that their own individual actions are important in preventing environmental damage that ruins man ‘s life on earth . For example , there [banner_entry_middle]

is an ominous kind of atmosphere in several parts of the film that explains how one thing can lead to another dangerous thing . An example is If Greenland were to melt , 1 /3 of Manhattan would be flooded ‘ These claims can be shocking and urges viewers on how their actions can even lead to other calamities in the future

Global warming has been an important subject , which has drawn a lot of attention from different levels of society . It is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth ‘s atmosphere and oceans in recent decades , which is caused by both natural and human activities The effects of global warming are extremely disastrous . Much of the problems that occur in the present time are only moderate indications of the serious dangers of this complex problem . Its full-scale impacts are difficult to establish . Scientists are discovering new ideas on the possible consequences if current industrial and commercial trends stay the same . In spite of the amount of money needed , fighting global warming is necessary to save life , as we know it

Despite mounting evidences on the crucial effects of global warming on humanity and the rest of the ecosystems , thereby making mitigation an indispensable move , fighting global warming has never been an easy task Albeit necessary , global warming mitigation , contrary to global warming adaptation , is viewed by the profiteering sectors as counterproductive to progress , corporate growth and financial gains . Fortunately through time , international treaties on global warming abatement have been forged , and public awareness and participation greatly improved

With food and natural resource production , global warming manifests its effects through decreased crop yield and altered ecosystems . Most crops are particularly sensitive to climate variability causing lengthened growing season . Global warming also increases the chances of severe drought because of accelerated soil moisture evaporation . In extreme case , global warming can directly cause loss of life (EPA . The film is a very good presentation of concrete and proven facts on global warming and there is no question about what will happen if people do not act fast

The impacts of global warming on the marine and aquatic ecosystem are as prevalent and as grave as its effects on the terrestrial systems Atmospheric and oceanic temperature determines the circulation of oxygen and nutrients across the different oceans in the planet , and in the different strata or depth of the ocean . Increasing aquatic temperature according to UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC , will not only disturb the planktons and the fishes , but also will modify the precipitation and storm formation pattern . No wonder that scientists blame the worsening global warming for the recent hurricane Katrina catastrophe as well as for the continuous monsoon crises experienced in the equatorial states , because an oceanic temperature increase higher than 27 degrees Celsius could only mean more furious winds and rains (UNEP-WCMC . Even more , rise in water temperature was observed to result in increased water level due to the expansion of water molecules and the melting of the polar ice caps . In due time , if global warming is left unabated , countries near the ocean are bound to suffer (EPA . Everything that the film reveals makes one seriously consider one ‘s own actions and how things can be remedied at the present time

Indeed , studies show that modern rise in global temperature since the start of the Industrial Revolution can be accounted mostly to anthropogenic factors . Fossil fuel burning , biomass emission , and aerosol discharge are the primary contributors to temperature rise . The greenhouse gases–carbon dioxide , nitrous oxide , and methane– together with aerosols , are said to absorb and emit heat , and change the amount of radiation coming into and leaving the atmosphere ‘ states EPA . The gases ‘ tendency to stay for a long period in the atmosphere only means that warming will only worsen at a geometric rate unless , of course drastic measures are employed all over the world

Adding credibility to the film is Gore ‘s account of his older sister ‘s death from lung cancer . Their family traced it to their family ‘s tobacco plantation . When he revealed this fact , viewers surmise that this could be the motivating force that spurs him to expose these facts unrelentingly . The adverse effects of global warming on humanity experience can go on a wider scale . Though many facts about global warming are still uncertain , such as the exact degree of its effects or the time when its effects will be felt , a strong consensus among scientists asserts that there is a need to control global warming today by modifying human activities that are said to contribute to the said phenomena


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