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An Analysis and Evaluation of the Sermons and Ministry of Robert Murray Mc`Cheyne

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p Born in 1813 , Robert Murray McCheyne entered the ministry in 1836 , at the age of 23 . He died during a typhus epidemic March 25 , 1843 , age 29 , after just six years and four months in the ministry . 1 1 J . Harrison Hudson , ’93The Impact of Robert Murray McCheyne ’94 Available from . Internet

accessed February 1 , 2007 . At his death , he left notes to some 300 sermons , admonishing others as to his method for preparing sermons

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words , from God . It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus . A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God . A word spoken by you when your conscience is clear , and your heart full of God ‘s Spirit is worth ten thousand words spoken in unbelief and sin .2 2Taken from back cover of Sermons of Robert Murray M ‘Cheyne , published by The Banner of Truth Trust , Edinburgh , 1991 , quoted in Sean Richardson , ’93Robert Murray M ’92Cheyne ’94 Scottish Preachers . Available from . Internet accessed February 1 , 2007 This quotation gives a good summary of the bases for McCheyne ’92s many sermons . He took his inspiration from the Bible , and relied very heavily on Biblical material in all of his sermons , and believed emphatically in a world full of unbelief and sin . Rather typical among his sermons is ’93Another Lily Gathered ’94 a sermon eulogizing James Laing , a boy who died at age 14 .3 3Robert Murray McCheyne ’93Another Lily Gathered ’94 Bible Presbyterian Church Online Available from Internet accessed February 1 , 2007 . In this sermon , McCheyne quotes conversations involving the boy , prayers used in holy services , hymns and the Bible . The title of the sermon is taken from a verse from the Song of Solomon : ’93My beloved is gone down into His garden to gather lilies ‘944 4Song of Solomon , vi :2 . Throughout this sermon , McCheyne makes clear his view that the present world is but a sad foretaste of the world yet to The Sermons of Robert Murray McCheyne Page come

The record of many a saved soul is on high , and many in their heavenly walk amid a polluted world are living monuments of what a God of grace can do . Of the living members of the family I do not mean to speak they have not yet finished their course , but are still in the valley of tears , and trials , and temptations . 5 5 McCheyne ’93Another Lily Gathered ’94 This is one of the key themes which McCheyne used throughout his sermons , that a life without the redeeming power of Christ was chaos and tragedy

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