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American History

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Throughout the 19th century , Americans were concerned withissues connected to expansion . The Louisiana Purchase started the trend of westward expansion . The territory that todayis the continental U .S was owned by the United States northern and southern bs were stabilized through treaty negotiations with Canada and Mexico

The purchase of the Louisiana Territory , brought forth important constitutional issues concerning the legality of land purchase . In the ensuing years , geographic growth would be examined in the context of moral , economic and political issues . Regardless of the historical event , an underlying belief in [banner_entry_middle]

manifest destiny , the nation ‘s fate and duty to settle North American lands coast to coast , underscored each territorial acquisition . Many Americans believed in a special manifest destiny for the nation which enabled the United States to grow westward with moral assuredness . The period up to the late 1870 ‘s was dedicated to consolidating territorial lands and integrating them into the political and economic mainstream . Efforts in the West were as diverse as the building of a transcontinental train line , federal support for capital enterprises and a federal subsidization of land settlement . With the election of 1876 , southern reconstruction was considered complete the mechanisms for settling , building and integrating western territories were in place , and the Industrial Age was in effect Consolidation of corporation fueled this , and it was backed by legislation and judicial interpretation . In Europe among certain nations , mainly England , Germany , France and Russia , industry was also spreading

Americans took note of these events , and many believed that a foreign policy with similar goals should be pursued . To not act would lead to economic stagnation and second class status in the community of nations Some , however argued against expansion for moral reasons : it was wrong to subjugate others for the nation ‘s advantage . Many remembered the crusade of abolitionism , and were ready to apply the same standards of human rights to people in faraway lands . Still others who believed in inherent Anglo-Saxon superiority , voiced concern for the possible contact with tropical people ‘ eventually diluting racial stock

To counter the position of the anti-imperialists ‘ position grounded in morality and legality , expansionists developed a four-fold argument Using the principles of Social Darwinists , expansionists defended overseas territorial ownership as the natural of a more fit species ‘ They affirmed the innate superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race , and thus justified a place of authority in non-Anglo-Saxon cultures . Manifest destiny was being extended as the imperialists also held that America ‘s destiny as a special people was not limited to the North American continent . The fate of America , it was argued , wastied to the global community . Oceans , rather than serving as barriers as tyhey had for so long before , were the connecting bridges that would lead to a position of prominence throughout the globe . Finally expansionists felt that we had an obligation and responsibility to help others less fortunate

Proving the superiority of Anglo-Saxon people was critical if one was to argue or accept the position of the Social Darwinists . Many important… [banner_entry_footer]


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