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Alternative Energy for Homes

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Alternative Energy in Homes

Scientists predict that the day is not far off when the traditional energy resources of the world such as oil wells and water resources might some day dry off . This fact has created an acute awareness of finding alternate energy sources . With increasing population and the development of technology , energy is rapidly consumed in countries all over the world . More so in the United States which is one of the most technologically advanced , well developed and industrialized nation . The main source of energy are fossil fuels like crude [banner_entry_middle]

oil . These are found to trigger global warming . Moreover , these energy sources take a very long time in formation and hence are likely to get scarce over the years . There is a growing demand for energy and as a result the rising trend in crude oil prices is bound to continue . To resolve the problems associated with cost , scarcity and pollution , there is the concept of using alternative energy sources . According to this concept , power is converted from different natural sources to produce heat and electricity . Some such alternative energy sources are sunlight , wind and biomass fuel

Energy is used in homes , businesses , industry , and for traveling and transportation purposes . It has been found that while the industrial sector uses about one-third of the commercial sectors combined use about 40 percent of all energy . This includes all types of buildings such as houses , such as houses , offices stores , restaurants , and places of worship (Source : Energy Information Administration , Annual Energy Review 2005 , Washington , DC , July 2006 . A comfortable house in today ‘s modern society is one that uses lights air-conditioning , TV , microwave , dishwasher and other appliances . More than half of the energy used for heating in single-family homes is natural gas , about one-fourth is electricity , and one-tenth is fuel oil (heating oil . Using alternative energy sources in homes is likely to reduce the overall energy usage of the nation appreciably

Solar power involves transforming some of the sun ‘s massive thermal energy into electricity . There are two ways of using solar power as an alternative energy source in houses : photovoltaic (PV , where sunlight is directly converted into electricity via solar cells , and utilizing solarthermal power . In a photovoltaic cell , sunlight falls on a layer of semiconductors which in turn creates an electrical current . This is a proven technology that can be easily used in houses to provide heat and power . Electricity can be produced from solar power by placing solar panels on the roof . These panels consist of photovoltaic cells that can convert sunlight directly into electricity . A modern photovoltaic cell can convert almost 80 of the sunshine into electricity . Moreover , it is interesting to note that electricity that is produced through solar power during the day may be stored in batteries for use in the night . In turbines the sun ‘s heat can be used to convert water into steam and then utilize this steam to running turbines . The turbines in turn can be used to run generators… [banner_entry_footer]


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