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Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein


Much concerning Albert Einstein ‘s youth is already a part of popular mythology and has long been a source of comfort to many who have had some sort of difficulty in school . Some and researchers have considered Einstein to have been dyslexic . Others deny that this was so strictly speaking . Several have emphasized Einstein ‘s slow early development

Of these earliest years , one biographer , Banesh Hoffmann , wrote in 1972 “Did his grandparents ever despairingly think , as his parents at one time thought , that the beloved Albert Einstein was [banner_entry_middle]

a dullard ? They had good reason to think so , and the thought must have been agonizing Considering that little Albert was to become other than Einstein his start was hardly auspicious (Hoffmann , 1972 ,

. 14

More recently , some have partly challenged this view and emphasized Einstein ‘s brilliance even as a young student . One wrote in 1982 “The widespread belief that he was a poor pupil is unfounded HYPERLINK “http /www .questia .com /PM .qst ?a o d ” Pais , 1982 br

. 38 )It seems that the same evidence can be construed in very different ways by different authors . How can this be so ? Perhaps the conflicting evidence itself can be instructive . In one aspect , it is mainly a matter of definition . If one is using the more restrictive definition of dyslexia (referring mainly to reading difficulties , then one is more likely to conclude that someone like Einstein was not dyslexic . But if one is using the less restrictive definition used by many neurologists (referring to varied verbal difficulties , often accompanied by special right-hemisphere talents , then one is more likely to conclude that someone like Einstein was dyslexic (Simpson 1979

A mixture of great strengths and surprising weaknesses can be confusing but can itself be the best evidence of the pattern we are interested in If the record is mixed , then some evidence can be found to support either side of the debate . However , it would seem that Einstein ‘s early school experience can be described as inconsistent at best . Einstein himself acknowledged this mixed pattern . He observed in a letter to an inquirer in 1955 “As a pupil I was neither particularly good nor bad My principal weakness was a poor memory and especially a poor memory for words and texts ” It was during these years that his teacher of Greek told him , in the oft-quoted statement “You will never amount to anything (Hoffmann , 1972 , pp . 19-20 ) theless , Einstein was able to advance rapidly in some areas where he followed his own interests “Only in mathematics and physics was I , through self study , far beyond the school curriculum , and also with regard to philosophy (Hoffmann , 1972 br


Einstein ‘s earliest schooling was at home , but he did not get along with his teacher . His difficulties with the teacher suggest that he did not easily accommodate himself to the student role even at a very young age

Einstein ‘s talents in mathematics and other subjects… [banner_entry_footer]


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