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Airbus versus Boeing Demand Estimates for New Transport Aircraft

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: Airbus versus Boeing Demand Estimates for New Transport Aircraft

p : language Assignment : Airbus versus Boeing Demand Estimates for New Transport Aircraft

Airbus has received a lot of unfavorable press lately following the announcement that initial deliveries of its flagship A-380 will be delayed another six months , or nearly two years behind the original delivery date . The ensuing shakeup resulted in the firing of the Airbus CEO . On the other hand , Boeing , disparaged only three years ago for falling far behind Airbus , has been rapidly taking s for its new B-787 [banner_entry_middle]

Dreamliner . The A-380 and B-787 are very different types of aircraft . The decisions to develop these aircraft reflect differing views of passenger demand and the evolution of global air transportation route systems over the next twenty or more years . This assignment is intended to explore the means by which the two major commercial transport manufacturers develop long-range estimates of demand for air travel and further refine these estimates into demand for various aircraft types . Although their gross demand estimates are close , Boeing and Airbus do not agree on the demand for specific types of aircraft For this assignment , you are to explain why Airbus decided the A-380 was the right aircraft for the future while Boeing chose the smaller B-787 instead . Your should concentrate on estimates of passenger preferences and market demand , not a technical comparison of the aircraft or the production difficulties with the A-380

You will find extensive explanations on each manufacturer ‘s website . For Boeing , find the Current Market Outlook ‘ at http /www .boeing .com /commercial /cmo . For Airbus , locate the Global Market Forecast ‘ at http /www .airbus .com /en /myairbus /global_market_forcast .html . You can also easily locate both by searching within the respective manufacturer ‘s website . These two references must be included as the foundation of your no matter what other references your may wish to cite . Several articles have also appeared in financial and industry publications . I encourage you to look for references in Aviation Daily Airline Business , and Air Transport World . The library is an excellent resource an invaluable in writing your GRP . For an interesting and irreverent look , read Michael Boyd ‘s assessment in the archives issues of Hot Flash ‘ Boyd is a well-known industry consultant and heads The Boyd Group at http /www .aviationplanning .com

Your analysis should be three to four pages plus a reference list , all in APA style . If you aren ‘t familiar with or don ‘t have a reference for the APA style , here ‘s a website

http /www .docstyles .com /apacrib .htm

Many past students have not followed the APA style . Failure to do so will result in a full grade penalty . If you have not become familiar with APA , do so now The Boeing-787 and the Airbus-380 (often termed as the Super Jumbo ) are two of the largest aircrafts for commercial passenger travel . They are also one of the most demanded aircraft by passengers and airline companies . These flights have… [banner_entry_footer]


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