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Air pollution

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In the article `Poverty and Environmental Degradation , A .L . Mabogunje discusses the impact of globalization and integration on environment and biosphere . In spite of great social changes and population shift globalization has led to environmental pollution which represents an increasing feature of cities and metropolitan areas in developing countries (178

Air pollution is caused by many factors resulted from technological innovations of our time and become a major problem of severe weather disasters . Urban populations dirty the air with gases and poison the water which affects urban populations . In [banner_entry_middle]

urban areas , air pollution results from combustion (burning ) processes . In spite of great problems caused by air population in cities , authorities and citizens do not pay much attention to these issues and negative impact of poison gases on their health . Globalization and urbanization processes bring enormous benefits to urban populations , but they also result in diseases and increasing number of deaths caused by dirty air and unhealthy environment . I do not agree with the author that poverty , as a result of globalization , is the main cause of air pollution . Poor and rich classes always exist in the society depending on modes of production , the distribution of economic and social resources

I suppose that the main cause of air pollution and global warming is social indifference and apathy towards environmental problems and their impact on the entire population . For instance , buying and selling cheap second hand vehicles , people are driven by personal gain living for their own benefit only . In this case , we should not blame such phenomenon as globalization , but ourselves who pollute and dirty the air everyday , from year to year . It affects all areas of our life : politics economics and a social sphere . For our civilization , it is important to find appropriate solutions to reduce urban pollution effect and safe live on our planet

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