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African `s representation of male-female relationships.

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Running Header : AFRICAN African Writer ‘s Representation of the Male-Female Relationships

African writer ‘s have many views on the past and current male-female relationship in the African American community . Most agree black woman are strong figures in the family and the community . There are some who think that is a past strength and others who feel it still exists . Some feel the male is the stronger of the two sexes others accuse the male of weakness

The following articles all give their own points of view on this issue . All have common [banner_entry_middle]

points and all include differences of opinion Whether it is the dominant male of today or female slave telling her story , all agree that that the female is not the weaker sex ‘ and the male-female relationship of the African -American couple has undergone many changes , beneficial and damaging in varying degrees

Z . Sofola believes that .contemporary women who are to a large extent disoriented , weakened , and rendered inefficient and irrelevant have become this way because of the Western cultural influence on the Africans brought over for slavery . She insists that the black woman has slowly become `dehumanized ‘ and lost the status once afforded her in the African community . African tribes had always had dual leadership with a male to represent the males , a female to represent the females and together they represented the entire tribe . All official positions had both a male and female counterpart . Women were considered equal partners to men , with neither being submissive or dominant in the relationship Solofa believes that the black woman has become a non-entity in regards to the male-female relationship of the present . The female has been too influenced by western culture , causing them to be submissive and unable to make an effective contribution to a relationship or to the world Women should look to their birthright to discover where they have come from and stop catering to men According to Solofa , too many black women refuse to have opinions or seek higher education because they have been led to believe that to do so would drive the male away . This is the teachings of Western culture has ruined the heritage of the strong black woman of today

She believes the male-female relationship is doomed to failure from a power imbalance and black women should be concentrating on strengthening themselves before considering relationships

Angela Y . Davis writes of the African slave days . Male-female relationships were dangerous for the slaves . The love of a family could be torn apart at any time by the slave owner so it was a mental and emotional risk . The welfare of the member ‘s family could be used as leverage or punishment by the slave owner . Many slave couples would fall in love and suddenly one would be sold , never to be seen again . Davis also stated Slaves were mostly genderless to owners . Women worked just like the men . Unlike the men , they became gendered when it was profitable to exploit them as women… [banner_entry_footer]


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